The Expectations of Marriage
A personal subject, but going to dive straight into it lol.

For my wife and I, been married just shy of four years. Most nights we perform the marital act except when for a good reason we are unable to (that time of the month, sick etc), have gotten pregnant twice, two kids so far. No contraception , no NFP (we have no grave reason to not have sex/space kids out and we want a large family)

Thus, from our view point, with having no grave reason to not have kids, there is little reason for us to not have sex. And hey, it is fun too! This does fly in the face of the average number of times a couple has sex in America, which is at most once a week.

As far as surprise pregnancies go, take a look at the above numbers I gave:

We got pregnant twice in a span of 3.8 years of marriage, having had sex most days. That means say 5 times or more a week, 52 weeks in a year, 3 years 8 months time. Needless to say that the number of times we did not get pregnant after sex is substantially higher then the number of times we did, ie, hundreds. Thus it can be a surprise for a couple when they are pregnant due to the rarity.

In the case of the thread you alluded to, im pretty sure i know which one but could be wrong here, it is even harder to get pregnant after giving birth, especially if breastfeeding. Due to the hormones of giving birth and breastfeeding, a regular cycle generally dosent start back up till much later, thus the normal low percentage chance of getting pregnant is now substantially increased. Almost like God designed it so we wont stress our body to much with getting pregnant to much/to soon after the last. 

Marital act during pregnancy I would say is a must for the couple in general. Mostly unitive here, since she can't get double pregnant. The act helps to unite the couple especially during the physical changes the women goes through, and helps alot to support her especially but both of them during it all. This is within reason as during pregnancy it can be difficult to have sex, at all stages.

In short, sex- as often as we can due to no grave reason why not to, its fun/we enjoy it, and we want kids
    pregnancy- can be and often is a surprise due to the sheer number of times a couple has sex vs the number of times they get pregnant, and on top of that after giving birth and especially breastfeeding, it is very unlikely/hard to get pregnant due to hormones/changes in women's bodies that dont go back to normal till months later on average.
    sex while pregnant- almost completely unitive for the couple but is a necessary time for bonding and support for both of them as they go through the changes of pregnancy together.

Hope that answers some questions you had.

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