The COVID-19 Vaccine(s)...Safe or Not Safe?
This allergic reaction phenomena is to be expected. Unfortunately, they know very little about the cause and can only speculate, mainly, because this is the sort of thing they investigate during 'trials'. Of course, the trials they did were rather abbreviated, so they don't know much about how they are caused and what pecifically should be done about them. In that sense, those who take these rather poorly tested 'novel' vaccines will be the lab mice.

Not for me, thanks...

Article Wrote:[Image: mail?url=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.mcauto-images-...443k3g--~D]

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Feds issue new guidelines, launch probe to address early allergic reactions to COVID vaccine
CDC guidelines say anyone who has suffered severe reaction should skip second dose. Chemical known as polyethylene glycol suspected.

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