Fetal Cell Lines in Vaccine Testing
(12-13-2020, 05:20 PM)jack89 Wrote: This is a fairly specific question.  What are your thought on vaccines that were tested with fetal cell lines from tissues taken from an aborted child decades ago? 

To clarify, these vaccines are the Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.  Neither used fetal cells in the development or production of their vaccines, just in their testing. 

The cell lines are cloned cells from children who were aborted decades ago and then cultured.  The cultured cells can be replicated indefinitely. 

My personal take on this is that it's kind of creepy to use cloned fetal cells to test a vaccine, but that's just a gut reaction.  On a strictly moral level, I see the damage as done and the continued use of these replicated cells may be beneficial in preventing further deaths.  However, is it right to condone the use of something derived from an evil done long ago to prevent the deaths of uncertain numbers in the present?  Also, what kind of message is it to accept a vaccine that was tested with fetal cell lines?

I'm still mulling this over.  I'd take a vaccine that had no connection to abortion, but I question these vaccines that do.  I blame it on an article where Bishop Schneider stressed this particular point.
I recommend Sensus Fidelium's interview with Fr. Ripperger on this very subject.  The full interview is on BitChute.

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