Search for the promised land: Zionism and the church
The author started to lose me at "Second Vatican Council" then lost me completely at the reference to the heretical document "Nostra Aetate".

The Jews rejected their old covenant when they killed the messiah as Jesus said they would, Mark 12:1-12.  Jesus made a new covenant in His blood when he instituted the Eucharist, Matthew 26:28.  No amount of Vatican II heresy or "ecumenism" can change that. Many of the Jews( apostles, etc.) accepted the new covenant.  The rest rejected the new covenant just as they rejected Christ Himself, at the time and to this day.  Salvation is there if they choose to accept it.  

Quote:It is rare for Rome to say tradition got it wrong. It is also brave.

This is the same type of modernism that rejects seeking mental wellness help to someone with gender dysphoria and instead calls it stunning and brave to cut off one's genitals and take hormone therapy.  On this issue Rome is not brave, it is wrong.
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