A little fun for the fish-women! Fish-men welcome, too!
There are all sorts of things that we excel at as different people.  There are also those things that stress us out, or if they didn’t exist we would feel much better off.  This in mind, what domestic art do you excel at?  And conversely, which task do you struggle with?  If you are married, have you found that your burdens are lighter?  Do you ever let things with your husband slide in the favor of mommy duty? 

I’ll start.  I excel at cooking and preparing nutritious meals.  I am decent at bookkeeping and management of the household.  I am also decent with make-and-mend tasks and general home-making.   

What I really struggle with is washing dishes.  I find I always have at least a handful of silverware in the basin waiting to wash through the cycle of use.  I have always hated washing silverware, so I typically leave it over night to take care of in the morning.  

Since marriage, I have found that a lot of things which seemed a burden before to do daily have become no issue to do.  The silverware thing still remains, but I find that if my husband doesn’t mind my ways, it’s not a real problem.

I don’t have any children yet, so I can’t answer the last.  

Looking forward to see who else wants to play along.
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