A little fun for the fish-women! Fish-men welcome, too!
I excel at cooking, baking, cleaning and organizing.  I am deficient in any type of sewing, knitting, and crocheting.  I have taught myself to crochet scarves by watching videos and I can make a hat on a round loom - but apart from that, I am a sad excuse for a seamstress.  It was not something ever taught or encouraged in my house growing up.  I have actually paid for my daughters to have sewing lessons and we fumble around with crocheting and knitting and handiworks.  I am crafty and I am really good at decorating cakes and photography.

However, while I am good at the above things..... it is a struggle for me to stay on top of everything.  I have 6 children living at home and we are a homeschooling family.  So I am currently working through 10th, 8th, 6th, 4th, 1st, and Pre-K with my girls.  Maybe someone else has some tips but I have found that I can have a really clean and organized house or I can do a really good job teaching and staying on top of things with the girls education.  I can't have both.  When they were young I mostly chose the former - now that they are older, I definitely choose that latter.  We try to have routines and have everyone chip in - but there never seem to be enough hours in the day.  We also have a small farm so there are some farm chores thrown in the mix as well.  My husband works outside of the home full time so farm duties are mine and the girls overall - but he does help where he can and does all the big infrastructure projects.  I am really big on our home being filled with what is good, what is true, and what is beautiful but I have also learned to lower some expectations and accept "good enough."  

Over the years I have definitely been very busy with the kids and put them first a lot of the time.  For the majority of our marriage, my husband traveled internationally frequently.  So I was often on my own with managing things.  Now he has a job that requires much less travel.  Not as much money.... but a much better quality of life.  Now that we have older children, we do try and take some time to get out together and just enjoy eachother's company.  Now that he isn't traveling, he has been waking up earlier to help me with the morning farm chores.  I really love and appreciate that he does that so I have taken on making sure he has a hot breakfast and a nice lunch to take to work.  It used to be that I would be outside doing everything and he would make his own meals.  I like that I am able to do that for him now.  And he is happy because his lunches have been a huge upgrade since I took over.  :)

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