"Biden’s order could let China control US electric grid"
(02-02-2021, 08:17 PM)FultonFan Wrote: This is a battle against the devil and demons. Trying to “convince” of the truth rarely works. People need grace, and, for that reason, we need to pray for them. This isn’t any battle we’re going to win with mere politics. We need to be living holy lives, and purging our hearts of any stain of sin whatsoever. We need to be praying The Act of Reparation to Christ’s Sacred Heart daily, and praying private exorcism prayers daily. This is a spiritual battle, and the enemy is the devil, the demons, and sin.

Add to that the Daily Rosary and the Chaplet of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus.

And in your charity, I ask you all to pray for me that I can do this as well. What can I say? We of a melancholy temperament tend to discourage easily. Thank you all in advance.
"The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected." - G. K. Chesterton
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