Why the Strong Anti-Western Bias Among Orthodox?
(02-21-2021, 04:08 AM)PilgrimMichelangelo Wrote: I am spiritually in Communion with the Holy See but have not formalized my communion with Rome yet because I love the people that I am connected to via Orthodoxy. Also I have many personal/emotional issues that cannot be solved merely by switching communions. I will side with my Eastern Catholic brethren here (i.e. @ Melkite) when they say they are Orthodox in Communion with Rome. Mentally I am there, but have not made the Profession of Faith to formally ally myself with Rome. Despite Pope Francis and his shenanigan's, the Holy City of Rome is where my heart lies. There is an abiding Truth historically and spiritually and only Rome can fulfill. May Our Lady of Fatima, St. Padre Pio and St. Josaphat of Polotsk  enlighten all Orthodox to repent of their heresy( i.e. rejection of St. Peter's Supremacy) and convert to the True Faith, in which St. Peter's See occupies it's rightful locus of Primacy.  

I appreciate the nod, but I wouldn't describe myself as Orthodox in Communion with Rome.  I'm not saying it should never be used, or that what it stands for is not good.  But in my experience, it is something that appeals more to Western Christians who have recently come into contact with Eastern Christianity.  It's similar to the Anglo-Catholics who want Roman Catholics to recognize them as Catholic without actually entering the Church.  Most of the people I've met who used the phrase wanted the Orthodox to recognize them as Orthodox while remaining outside of the Orthodox Church.  They'll never recognize us as such - and they shouldn't, if they really believe that the Orthodox Church is the true Catholic Church.

I think part of the desire to use the phrase is this inherent belief that we are missing something without the Orthodox Church.  I'm very fortunate, in that, my parish is thoroughly orthodox, both in belief and in practice.  There is nothing available in Eastern Orthodoxy that is missing from my home parish, save schism from Rome.  Once it really got down deep in my soul that everything I was looking for in Orthodoxy, I had at my Catholic parish, and that I can live a fully Byzantine spiritual life there, any desire I had to affiliate with Orthodoxy evaporated pretty quickly. 

I've slowly noticed in the words of the various liturgical services that Catholic often referred to the Church, and Orthodox referred to the Faith.  Prior to the schism, there was no Catholic Faith, and there was no Orthodox Church.  So I'm a Melkite Catholic, and I hold to the Orthodox Faith (fully aware that the Eastern Orthodox would not agree with the second part of that statement).
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