...is it a sin to wear NIKE ?
(02-23-2021, 08:29 PM)Paul Wrote:
(02-23-2021, 05:46 PM)SacraCor714 Wrote: A little late to the party, but I would say that wearing Nike is a sin more so because of the anti-Catholic values the company espouses. They are vehement supporters of BLM and kneeling for the anthem.

Better stop buying things, then, because pretty much every large company these days supports something like that. Fortunately, buying such products is at best remote cooperation with evil, and not a sin if you have a good reason for doing so. Like needing new shoes.

Boycott whomever you want, and I think conservatives need to do a lot more of it. But let's not go around telling people it's a sin when it's not. You're buying shoes, not donating to Planned Parenthood. What Nike do with the money after that is on them. Or do you also avoid buying things from businesses owned by Protestants, since they might tithe some of it to their heretical church?

Obviously we can't vet every single business we patronize, nor can we control what the CEOs of said businesses do with the profits they earn from our purchases. However, there is a difference between supporting a company that blatantly and proudly endorses anti-Catholic values (Nike, Oreo, Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few) versus supporting a company in which the CEO privately and quietly donates money to special interest groups that do not align with Catholic values (there are many such companies out there that are very secretive about who they endorse, and it can be near impossible to figure out exactly what they stand for).

I would say that it most certainly is a sin to support a vehemently anti-Catholic company when you have other viable options on the table. Do you really have to buy Nike if you desperately need a new pair of shoes? A little internet research will show you which brands loudly support BLM, etc; avoid those. It's not as hard as it looks. If you absolutely have to have Nike (perhaps for playing on an organized sports team where all the uniforms have to match) get them secondhand or on clearance from an overstock shop. 

I think conservative Catholics should do everything we reasonably can to boycott the evil companies that undermine our faith and freedoms. I no longer shop at WalMart, Amazon, or Target. This was quite difficult, as we are financially strapped and WalMart and Amazon often have great deals. Now I shop at Aldi exclusively because I cannot find anything on their website or in their company statement that says they endorse anti-Catholic values. My husband and I deleted our social media accounts. All of them. No twitter. No facebook. No instagram. I do not understand how a Catholic in good conscience could support these companies. 

Imagine if somebody stood in front of you and mocked you for being Catholic, gloated over how they love abortion and hate white people, and stated how they can't wait to destroy you, your family, and everyone like you, but you just smile, bow down before them, and give them money. This is literally what you are doing when you support big liberal companies. Even if this isn't a sin in certain cases, it is definitely foolish to fund your very own destruction. It would be similar to Jews donating to the Nazi party in 1939 Germany. 

And yes, if the CEO of a certain company was an outspoken protestant and donated to evil protestant organizations (such as the ELCA) then I would not hesitate to boycott them.
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