Our son
Hello everyone.

I hope and pray you all are doing well and are having a good start to Lent.

There has been a question on my mind for a while.  Our oldest son, who is 16, is away at a private school.  From 8-10th grade he gave us an excruciatingly difficult time from bad behaviors to drug use (marij.) The summer he was about to enter 11th grade we gave him a choice to either continue on the path and deal with the consequences or he could go to the school.  The school is related to the TFP organization.  Does anyone know anything about this organization being "strange" or not recommended?

He wound up going to their camp and came back a lot more mature.  They were looking to see if he had the devotions to the Faith and the proper attitude toward it, which he did and which confused us more.  But, long story short, after the camp we told him that if he truly wants to go to the school full time that he needed to pray and let us know.  He stated he did and wrote the headmaster asking for permission to enter.  They took him and he has been absolutely thriving.  

After he was there a few months, I asked another Catholic media outlet if they knew of the school and if I should be concerned.  They got back to me and stated that they do good things and that I shouldn't be concerned.

However, after I was in contact with the Catholic media outlet, I started to doubt and did more research and some folks, on various sites, stated negative things about the school.  

He's been at the school for almost 7 months now and every time we talk to him something about him improves; from his faith to his speech and education, so we see the good that they are doing with him.  But, I'm afraid that they could be scaring him into behaving.  I get concerned if we put him in a false light??

I'm trying to trust Our Lord that I shouldn't worry and that he will protect him and do good things with him.


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