Prayer for Michael
As you all may have gleaned from my brief time on FE I have been struggling greatly not only with Orthodoxy these last few years but also with discerning the Catholic Faith. Lately I have been sorely tempted to just walk away from any form of Christianity altogether or to be like the poet Milton and become a religion of one. 

Behind this interior warfare is also a series of seemingly incurable emotional and mental health issues (not the least of which is anxiety/depression) which I have tried treating with many different methods, from supplements to counseling to ascetism to lifestyle change to changing my environment to changing my will and perspective.  I have now reached the point where even my therapist has said that perhaps this is just my Cross to bear and the deep wounds and sinful passions have been given to me for my salvation. 

Winter has historically been a trying season for me and this winter is testing me to my limits. I may have to move soon and can only afford minimal rent on my apprentice wage which raises my stress level to maximum.  

Please pray for me as everything feels overwhelming and Our Lord feels so far away.

O Jesus Crucified and Risen for our salvation, have mercy upon me.
"Orthodoxy is not so much a matter of the head. It is something living, and it's of the heart." --Bl. Seraphim of Platina

"Beauty will save the world." --Fyodor Dostoevsky

"You shall know the truth, and it will make you odd." --Flannery O'Connor
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