Catholic Authors in the Military
(02-24-2021, 08:23 PM)Gondothlim 2 Wrote: I've been wanting a Catholic book on the more gritty parts of war.  Like "can you shoot the wounded guy who's trying to throw a grenade at you" or "can you shoot people while they're retreating" sort of thing.

I, on the other hand, would like a manual on military organization, logistics and tactics. These are easily available to me. But I'd like to push these aside to focus on Catholic authors. If they are not available I'll have to just plow right through the material I've got or give up. Perhaps I can find local manuals here, I live in a Catholic country.

If possible, I'd like old manuals dating from the early 20th century and way back. I stick to the public domain and I do not purchase books online. Yet your recommendations will give me much room for consideration. If it has to be a manual produced in contemporary times, I'd stick with the ones approved for public distribution.

Even manuals written in foreign languages will do.

Say, have you got firearms instructors on video as well? Any firearms. Even muskets of the old kind. What about blacksmiths? For tools, mostly.

I'd like a collection of old non-fiction books in the public domain. I can point you here and there but I wish to ask, are there any Catholic authors there? It is asking much but this is something that will keep me occupied forever.

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