Catholic Authors in the Military
Nope, its a translation from the three different versions written in the 15th century I believe (may be 14th). Dueled a bit, but not in the manner we think of today. It wasnt a 'you insulted me now fight' duel, it was a 'you are making yourself to be a great teacher of fighting, defend yourself now'. From the sounds of it, a number of these were more akin to ambushes by other instructors who were intent on killing him.

Definitely use it as one of your resources, its not as direct as the german writings in this era (more italian in a sense, poetic), but it gives a sense of how people viewed fighting, learned to fight (a process similar to martial arts today with pictures even), as well as small gems in there of what fighting happened in the civilian life (not many soldiers will need to defend themself in the streets, getting attacekd from behind, with only a stick in hand, look through the one handed and unarmed section).
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