My wife apologized, yet it still really hurts
It hurts me to hear this. I’m very sorry that your wife is so insensitive. I’m not trying to jump to her defense, but I will say that sometimes we women speak our minds without realizing how much it hurts our husbands. I had a similar problem. I used to just speak aloud whatever was on my mind, filtered or not, and didn’t realize how deeply it hurt my husband. I only came around because my husband was honest with me and telling me how much it hurt him. If your wife truly loves you, she will understand how much her insensitive words hurt you, and she will stop, or at least make a serious effort to change her behavior.

I don’t know how long you have been married, but it is also sadly possible that your wife is just an insensitive person in general, and no matter what you say, she will hold it against you, deny any wrongdoing, and refuse to change. Sadly, I know a lot of women like this, and they sabotage their own marriages and destroy the very man they have pledged to love for the rest of their lives. The poison of feminism runs deep in nearly every woman’s heart. It takes time, patience, and humility for the woman to realize and accept that her behavior is wrong and change it. Very sadly, many women never get to this point. It is only by the grace of God and I was able to realize how selfish I was being in my marriage, and correct it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems from the limited information you gave in your post that it is possible your wife has an alpha personality. If you also have an alpha personality, it can cause great conflict in your marriage. They properly ordered way of course, is to have an alpha male and a beta female. However, feminism and our modern culture have conditioned women to become alphas, to be combative and controlling, and never take no for an answer. Alpha women are extremely difficult to be married to, so if this is indeed the case with your wife, you have my deepest sympathy and prayers.

I wish I had more advice to give you, but as a woman, I know how stubborn women can be and how resistant we are to change, especially when it comes to our behavior in our marriage. We have been conditioned by the culture to believe that women can do no wrong, and that everything is always the husband’s fault. It is truly a severe form of penance to be married to a woman like this. However, there is a bright side to this, even though it may not be necessarily pleasant. This is a great opportunity for you to purify your love for Christ through suffering. Furthermore, think of it this way; God is giving you an opportunity to live out your Purgatory on Earth, a gift that He only gives to His most beloved sons.

You have my prayers, and of course this forum will always be here to support you. I wish I could help you more. God bless.
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