A Priest’s Moral Analysis of Vaccines
(03-11-2021, 01:18 PM)Bonaventure Wrote:
(03-11-2021, 01:09 PM)SeekerofChrist Wrote: Here are summaries of actual cases, with cases cited, that involved a variety of different examples of fair use doctrine: 

Copyright and fair use doctrine are a gray area in the law.  Confident assertions that a forum member has actually violated US copyright law are uncalled for, at least in this situation.

Not one of those cases holds that copying an entire online article and pasting it in its entirety to another online forum constitutes 'fair use.'

Do a little bit more research than simply relying upon Copyright Office circulars.

Further, understand that when the Copyright Office refers to works, that encompasses a wide range of copyrightable subject matter, including: text; audio; visual; audio/visual; 2D Art; 3D Art, etc.  In that regard, don't assume that what some "courts" found to be fair use with on type of subject matter will be the same for a different type of subject matter.

In the present context, we're talking about text, and text only.  When the entirety of that text is copy/pasted without permission, copyright infringement has occurred, and it would be a rare, rare case that fair use is found.

I never said they did, nor did I fail to do research.  I've read the federal law on copyright before.  The Righthaven, LLC v Jama case that I also posted a link to did involve an entire article that was used by the non-copyright owner.  The court found in favor of the defendant under fair use doctrine.  And that's the problem here: there are too many variables that a court would need to take into consideration before it'd rule whether or not this particular instance was fair use.  I'd be happy to argue that it was.  How the court would actually rule is something I make no claim about but, again, confidently asserting this thread involved clear copyright infringement is not the case.  If you disagree, cite your own case(s) to that effect.  We can then consider the facts of that case and the specific legal reasoning, then apply them to this situation.
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