The Vatican restricts Traditional Latin Mass and suppresses private Masses at St. Pet
(03-14-2021, 12:36 AM)Paul Wrote: Because that's not the tradition of the Latin Rite, with the sole exception of the Mass for the consecration of a bishop. If there are multiple priests present and they don't want to each celebrate a Mass, they can act as deacon, subdeacon, and acolytes for each other.

That's fine, perfectly understandable. To me, the picture posted by Marmot in post #17 of this thread looks awkward and anti-social. I'd much rather see a collective activity. But this is a long-standing religious tradition, and it is very anti-social to suppress perfectly good and holy religious traditions connected to the true faith, which this is! It works for them, millions of people expect and understand it, and it engages the desire for worship in a way that is clearly fruitful. When I am pope I will definitely reverse any suppression and will be very supportive of priests who want to offer a daily mass even by themselves. I am sure that the best plan is to plant, water, and nourish many fruit trees, and see what fruits thrive.

I think that the putative suppression actually does have a lot to do with Orthodox traditions. I recall that making Catholics stand for communion was connected to that. Orthodox stand for communion. The argument I recall hearing is that we want the Church to return to early, more unified and hopefully unifying customs. That's the trouble-- it might sound good in theory, but when you yank people around, it harms them. That's why the best policy is to support, to provide, to nourish. Never to take away, punish, mock, nag, undermine. Always be kind, generous, and supportive. If they are praising God in their worship, that's wonderful! Never suppress. Always support. That is the best policy.

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