Taking Holy Communion after Accidental Profanity
Hi, I have scrupulosity too so I know how hard it can be. 
In order to commit a mortal sin, you need to realize what it is you are doing. It needs to be fully advertent, not half advertent. Being distracted and thinking something by accident, is not a mortal sin. I think what's confusing with scruples, is that sometimes an act is semi-advertent, and to a scrupulous mind if FEELS fully intentional. Remember that you need to have FULL consent and FULL knowledge. Not a "yes and no" at the same time. And you also can't mortally sin "by accident". 

Regarding the second point with worrying about receiving Communion in a state of mortal sin, and this being a mortal sin... I don't think a scrupulous worry that MAYBE you committed a mortal sin, is the same thing as knowing that you did and still going to Communion. It has to be certain knowledge. If you sincerely believed that you committed a mortal sin and still went up to Communion with that intention, that could be a grave sin because of your intent - if we think something is a mortal sin, and commit it, we have sinned in our intent. However, a scrupulous worry and fear often doesn't have that amount of certainty in it. I think if this is really bothering you, it would be good to confess it and get it off your mind. 

Do you have a spiritual director? I read that the way to heal from scruples is to have a good confessor guide you and basically you make his conscience your own. If you are unable to find a confessor or spiritual director, maybe try to read up on scruples and what constitutes full consent and full knowledge. I know it's rough to go through this... it really is a trial. But God can turn everything to our good, and many Saints struggled with scruples. The important thing is not to believe them. :) God bless you!
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