Can my 64 year old mother take the Moderna Covid vaccine this Monday?
I'm not qualified to give you advice. I'm not getting it. My parents already have. They knew what I thought about it, and that was that. Nothing happened to them, and they're fine.

(04-10-2021, 11:18 PM)Jerry Towns Wrote: Take the vaccine, both of you.  Who are you to deny your mother a potentially life saving vaccine?  4000 people died every day last week in Brazil from the covid.  The Catholic bishops of basically every country in the world have recommended and suggested that you take the vaccine.  If there is a sin in this, it is on them.  They have taken it upon themselves. 

The problem with people saying, hey, I'm 34 and healthy so I don't need the vaccine, is that this perpetuates the spread of the disease.  You're not going to get sick or even realize you have it probably, unless you get the P1 from Brazil.  Oops that kills young people too. But maybe you're a dude and you get it and oops your penis doesn't work anymore and no children for you.  Or you can't smell anything ever again, except by sniffing really hard and even then it's not quite right.  And food tastes like rancid meat.  And oops you gave it to granny and granny's lungs turn to cauliflower and she spends her last 3 days on a cross drowning as she gasps for breath. 

But hey, I hate the government or the media or facebook or the Man.  I'm not taking the vaccine because hate and spite.

I didn't know you could write in prose.
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