"Whether there is a moral obligation to be vaccinated"
I had my first Covid "jab" at the beginning of February (Pfizer). No serious side effects but I did become tired and lethargic. No news yet about the second "jab". (I had a phone call from the GP practice that I had an appointment in February at a certain time and place). I didn't particularly think about whether it was moral or not. It seemed the practical thing to do. Is there any substance to the claim that aborted foetuses were used in the manufacturing process? There are so many rumours (British spelling) flying about the internet that it's extremely difficult to know what is based in fact and what isn't. The daughter of one of my cousins tested positive for the virus (I heard this secondhand through another relative as they live in another part of the country). She's in her 30s and is okay now (just as well as she has a child under 10).

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