Can converts receive the Sacrament of Confession?
(04-13-2021, 03:48 PM)ChairmanJoeAintMyPresident Wrote:
(04-13-2021, 03:45 PM)convert145 Wrote: Why would anyone seriously not believe this? If you're bringing this up in response to me deciding not to do RCIA it's not that I didn't think I could become Catholic that way, I just didn't want to sit through a bunch of heresy in the meantime. I'm by no means a know-it-all or a "more Catholic than the pope" trad or anything, I just deeply trust my SSPX priests understanding and desire to empart the Catholic Faith to my wife and I, where the woman who taught RCIA in the NO parish was much more suspect to me, inherently, as well as in the things taught in that class.

Many in the SSPX reject the validity of some Novus Ordo sacraments.  This is not the official position of the Society, but it doesn't stop people.  That may have been what the other poster was responding to.
Yeah, I'm sure that's probably true. I went to a NO mass today after confession because while I agree that NO can be damaging to the Faith and irreverent, I still feel like it is pleasing to our Lord to participate in liturgy. I made up my mind to not worry about my personal preference and just go to Mass and worship and pray. The table, the priest's back to the tabernacle, the lay people reading the gospel, and the way that me trying to pray during the liturgy made me feel like I was "getting distracted" or not participating or something, struck me. I believe NO is valid but an inferior liturgy and I pray that the Church will standardize the Tridentine Mass again soon.
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