Another One (Sort of) Bites the Dust
(04-15-2021, 08:47 PM)HedgeKnight Wrote:
(04-15-2021, 06:56 PM)Augustinian Wrote:
(04-15-2021, 05:37 PM)Marmot Wrote: I don't want to start up controversy but they should consider joining The Nuns of the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face formed by HH Gregory XVII.

[Image: San-Gregorio-XVII-con-Capa-Magna-2004-1-...201493.jpg]

Ngl, those Palmyrans at least have the Catholic aesthetic down. That tiara is pretty awesome.

Maybe someday when this crisis is over they'll realize the folly of Masses shorter than a visit to the drive thru and donate their tiara. I'm not holding out hope that the one in DC would be given back.

Nor should it. The "bullet tiara" of Paul VI was ugly as sin.
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Put not your trust in princes: In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. - Ps. 145:2-3

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