CDC: As many people have died from Covid-19 vaccines as ALL vaccines in last 20 years
And given that the VAERS reporting system is at best inaccurate....Makes you wonder how many deaths from all the regular vaccines were never counted as deaths from the vaccine.  Same with Covid vaccines....

I don't mean to harp about BigPharma and their interests, and I recognize that there has been some good and important work done by them, BUT.....there probably would be no BigPharma if they were held liable for all the deaths and damage JUST the vaccines have caused.  And, since the government doesn't want to keep paying out billions via the Vaccine Court, many, many cases of death and injury from vaccines are just covered up.  You might want to read Judy Mikovits' "Plague of Corruption".  If I was already aware of much of what she talks about I would be totally shocked and appalled.  What's been perpetrated and covered up by Big Science and the government is truly mind-boggling!

EDIT: If you watch any t.v. at all, you've probably noticed over the years the plethora of new prescription drugs being advertised.  My wife's doctor once told her that *not one of them* is worth a damn.
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