JPII was an universalist: slander,or truth?
The concilliar Church sometimes does this maliciously clever thing of backing something up in it's potential sense instead of it's actual sense. It is malicious because we almost always understand things in an actual sense. Its important to understand and distinguish act vs potency.

If a priest says "I am Pope," in a potential sense he is correct because it is possible. But in the actual sense it is clearly incorrect, and any priest not occupying the Chair saying this we would recognize as needing a drink or maybe some sleep.

The universalism mentioned here is true in the potential sense, because our Lord's sacrifice was intended for everyone. But we know most will be in hell, so in the actual sense our Lord's sacrifice is ultimately for those that accept and follow Him, which is why universalism was condemned as heresy. Hence, "for the many," not "for all."

Shoutout to the late Father Hesse.
Gentle Star of ocean!
Portal of the sky!
Ever Virgin Mother
Of the Lord most High!

Shew thyself a Mother;
Offer him our sighs,
Who for us Incarnate
Did not thee despise.

Through the highest heaven,
To the Almighty Three,
Father, Son, and Spirit,
One same glory be. Amen

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