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Hello Proselyte. I haven't posted anything since April personally but I thought I'd look in today. Yesterday I saw someone (in real life) I hadn't seen before the pandemic and she said it had been a long 18 months - indeed it has. The last time I looked at the website for the church I attend they were sort of half open - they hadn't said it was mandatory to attend mass in person, so I've been watching online masses still. However I recently saw a lady from the parish and she was on her way to the wedding of a friend of her daughter's at the church so it looks like I might be able to go to mass in person again. Anyway, I've been a good (old) girl during the pandemic and mostly meeting via Zoom or Skype. In August a very small group of us met in a cafe in person and a few days later I had a phone call from one member of the group saying he had tested positive for Covid. He was doubly jabbed so maybe got it less severely than if he hadn't had the vaccination. I'm doubly jabbed myself and my test proved negative so I haven't had to self-isolate. Anyway, Proselyte, I hope ou find a community that suits you.

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