For others on the spectrum, is being Catholic harder?
For me, it definitely is. So much of it seems to be tied to emotion. Emotions I simply don't feel. I like facts and information and respond best to that. Reading books, listening to sermons or lectures that try to trigger an emotional response are useless for me. In fact, sometimes they make me angry so I guess that's an emotion.

The other hard part is the relationship aspect. Relationships are very hard for me to make and maintain. People talk about needing to have a relationship with Jesus which is really hard since it seems like it's a one way relationship. I pray and go to church and at best, it feels like I'm ignored. It's really hard to maintain a relationship with someone who just ignores you. I used to have a good friend. He started hanging out with another group of people and gradually we fell apart. I'd call him and he wouldn't answer so I'd leave a voicemail and he wouldn't call back. Eventually, I just stopped calling. That's how praying feels.
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