Money as heavy chains? More isn't better
Poverty is an evangelical counsel, meant to remove from us attachments, so we become more attached to God, and are freed to serve Him more.

Poverty itself, though, is not a virtue, nor good. Look at all the poor people in the world. Are they holy?

When I was a very poor teacher living in a very poor inner city neighborhood, I can tell you that poverty did not sanctify most people. They lives hand to mouth, but whenever there was extra money, the car got decked out, and the jewelry proliferated. Never did the house get fixed, or the table get better food. Never did they become more charitable. Any extra money (usually from payday loans) immediately went to become more materialistic and wag in the face of others that they had gotten something.

It is easy to point the finger at rich people, because the fat-cat lifestyle does quickly breed opulence and greed, but it is not as if poverty, in itself is sanctifying, or even good.

Neither poverty, nor riches, do anything of themselves for or against our salvation. It is what we do with these that matters.

Poverty is good when it is offered to God as a means to get to Him. Riches are good when they are used to promote God's glory and help those in need. Either is evil when it is used to become materialistic and get further away from God.

I recall a priest once saying, and I think it is so true, "Money is dirt; but money is useful dirt."
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