"Malachi Martin's Deep Revelations on the Third Secret of Fatima"
I'm curious how any of this affects what we should do to stay in the State of Grace in our everyday lives?

Part of the chaos in our days is thinking we need to know all the secrets of everything and judge things for ourselves, when practically what we need to do to love God and stay in His graces is pretty tough to do just in everyday life, let along take on some fight that is well beyond our ability to change in any meaningful way. I find it too often is just a distraction and idle curiosity from our duty of state, prayer, sacrifice, thinking instead that a kind of Gnostic knowledge of all the innerworkings of things will save us, when at the end of our lives, Christ asks us a simple question, and it is not what did we know, or what was our opinion on some question, but "How did you use the time and talents I gave you to love My Father?"

So, and it is meant seriously, how does anything Malachi Martin believed or wrote help us to practically live in God's grace each day?
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