The Protestant bible .... <sigh>
This one I'm having a very hard time with finding where to find demonstrable proofs of any kind.  I have several different versions of bibles.
But I only now use my 2 Douays translated from the Vulgate (one 1955, the other from the 1970s).

But here's where I have trouble, I know and have heard that the bible was compiled by the early Catholic Church.  St. Jerome did a lot of the work to make the Latin Vulgate possible (as Latin was by then the universal language, I understand, like English is now) around 300 BC as Constantine converted and then all the popes stopped being martyred and the early church could start building and organizing itself and such and this work could actually be carried out (and safely, too, I imagine!).  I may be mangling dates, etc., but I hope I'm saying this correctly enough.  Being new to the faith, it's been a lot to take in <g>.  Anyway, so I guess we had the Latin Vulgate around for several hundred years before Luther, if I've understood all correctly.

But then Luther came along and with other 'conspirators', as it were, started the Protestant revolution (which uses circular arguments, I heard today, so, cute joke!!  Revolution -- circular -- ... lol).

Anyway, the Church compiled the bible and gave it to the world, yet in my Protestant bible that I keep for reference, it says this:

"The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments:  Translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesty's special command."

What on earth does this even mean???

What it means to a fallen away cousin is that the Protestant bible is _the_ bible and that the Catholics did not write it (sorry, compile it, really), which to me is absurb!

But to me that preface seems to be a lie, even a devious play on words:  "translated out of the original tongues" (really???) and "with the former translations diligently compared and revised" ... huh, didn't the Church already do that for the Latin Vulgate??  And then their English bible published 2 years after our Douay was published in 1509?  How do the Protestants get away with making that assertion in their preface?

If the Protestant bible were one they came up with, why are they nearly word for word, with translation and other slight differences that usually don't affect the meaning, the same (except for the 7 books they took out, of course).

Also, the above preface doesn't take into account the, to my view, sacrilegious slight changes they made (Gen 3:15 anyone??).
[However, those are perfectly understandable errors; they re-wrote or nuanced the bits they didn't like!!]

But, how can the Protestants make that claim in the preface that they "translated out of the original tongues"?  They wouldn't have come up with the same bible, if that were the case.  To me it the preface should read, "a re-wording of the bible compiled back in the Catholic church in 300 BC", maybe, or whatever, but not to imply outright that they did all new work ...  Doesn't make sense ...

Or am I totally wrong??

I'm so new to the faith and I can't find any answers on the net.  Protestants seem to be so much more prevalent on the net, too, which doesn't help.  The Church is out there busy doing tons of invisible work saving souls, feeding/clothing/educating people, etc., etc., and less on the net, where the Prots are on the net and doing lots of visible stuff.  (That's what it means, I guess, not to be God's church and not having a central Divine authority out to mainly be working at the salvation of souls and being 1,000s of denominations going any which way ... <sigh>).

Anyway, please, does anyone know where I can find a good book that explains how the Protestants really came up with "their" bible?  And that the Catholic bible is where they got their material from, as it were.  A good, sound apologetics source??

Sorry for long post, but this has been a couple of months of the only struggle I haven't been able to make a dent in at all in the nearly 9 months of my new faith.

Thank you!!

p.s., as a side note, I just can't believe that I bought a supposedly Catholic bible ("Catholic Edition" of an RSV version which I knew only after seeing the Protestant Gen 3:15 in it that it was actually an 'ecumenical' bible [which more and more seems to me just to mean everything even the kitchen sink, but not Catholic, really].  And it was from the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy!!!  It's really aggravating that since then, I've realized I have to filter everything I read or hear even what is labelled Catholic, to make sure it truly is!  The National Shrine and they have the Protestant Gen 3:15 in it!!  Apostasy-building factor anyone??  I'm returning this bible.  I have my Protestant one but I know what it is and it's there strictly for reference, mostly apologetic reference.  This RSV one feels like a deception, like a wolf in sheep's clothing!  I was horrified when I saw that verse and that it also said Revelation instead of Apocalypse, etc., etc.  Glad I caught that nearly right away, though; who knows what else that bible has that might potentially lead me astray from the faith in any way.  I know so little still.  So sticking only with both my Douay's from now on.  [My 2nd Douay truly came as a gift from God!]

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