New York City. July.
My best friend is in New York over the summer for an internship so I will be visiting at some point during the second half of July. I'm already planning tons of things to do but suggestions are always helpful. I try not to be overly touristy when I travel but some things you just have to see, so tell me which are worth it! And if any East Coast fishies want to meet up we should.

You must go to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine in East Harlem (her feast day is July 16, and there'll be a huge festival). It's basically NO, but they offer the TLM also. There's a statue there of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which is one of four in all of North America to have the honour of being crowned by the pope, which means, it's in the same category as the Tilma in Guadelupe, and others that have all been instruments of countless miracles. I prayed there for the healing of an Italian neighbour, and the prayer was answered. It's an Italian parish, historically, but now it's mostly Spanish and black. It's a nice place. I loved it. I was only there for a couple of hours, but it was captivating. I wish I could go back.
I'll probably be there the weekend after the 16th but I'll try to visit if we get up to Harlem. What else did you enjoy on your trip?
I haven't been to the cloisters, but I would if I had the chance. The Met downtown is great too.
Right next to The Cloisters are the remains of Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini in one of her houses.  A must visit if you have never been.
I would recommend St Vincent Ferrer Church on Lexington at 66th St.  Well preserved.  St Jean De Baptiste is up Lexington at around 90th?  Beautiful as well.
  Just wandering around and admiring the architecture can be enjoyable.  A walk through Central Park is something to do, as well as a walk accross the Brooklyn Bridge.  On the West side of Lower/Midtown Manhattan they have opened an old elevated subway line as a walkway with grass and trees. 
  If you care for cheesecake, try Juniors in Grand Central Terminal, or the Carnegie Deli.  If you like deli's, Katz's is about as historic as you can get, but a little pricey.  Coney Island is a ways out in Brooklyn.  I enjoy just walking around in the different neighborhoods.  You never know what you will find.  I always check if the Catholic Church I am walking by is open, which during the day a large percent of them still are.  Sadly, many are being closed. 
  Book your hotel early(if staying in one).  While it has always been expensive, in recent years it has seemed so difficult to get a decent place for under $120/30 in the city.  You can try Leo House which is a decent place, but just reserve ahead.  I think they are still a bit under $100.  If booking in advance, you may have good luck in finding something reasonable.  If you were in the military, try the Servicemen's Club/lodging on Lexington.  It is where the Society has Sunday Mass.
  Well, just a little from off the top of my head.  Do enjoy your visit.
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Each of the 5 Boroughs of NYC have much to see. Will you be staying in Manhattan when you visit?

We had a FE Mass and Brunch last year on July 31, going to Mass at Holy Innocents then to the Pershing Square Diner across the street from Grand Central. I recommend we do that this year, with the difference being we attend Mass at St. Agnes at 11:00 AM instead of Holy Innocents. The Pershing Square Diner has good food at decent prices.
St. Agnes is really pretty. I went to Mass there when I visited a friend in NY last July, and went to Holy Innocents for a weekday Mass one night. Both are well worth seeing - and have TLM's! :)

The Cloisters is AWESOME, so is the Met museum -- but you could spend a week in the Met, so be sure to go on a day you have lots of time (or go more than once.)
I may have to get in on this.
I've stayed at this YMCA twice, and both times it was inexpensive, spotlessly clean, and safe.  You get a tiny room with probably no view, but it's clean.  It doesn't sound very nice, but there are shower rooms on each floor, instead of your own, or a shared, bathroom.  I dreaded going in to use it, but it was really clean, and perfectly safe and private, with plenty of hot water, and even plenty of room.  I don't know about the other Ys.

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