I am not here to ask people to deny facts, to lie, to pretend to be happy, or to betray what their hearts and heads are telling them. If you have concerns voice them. If you're angry, welcome to the club.

There was a time when the Catholic people needed the Pope. Now the Pope needs the Catholic people. He needs our prayers. The worst part about anger, in my short little lifetime of experience, is not that it is mean or disrespectful, but that it embitters the heart to the point where prayer itself becomes an uphill battle. I am the worst person on this planet when it comes to praying for my enemies. I either don't do it at all, or I pray that my enemies happen to be hit by a truck, thrown across a mine field, blown to smithereens and each little morsel of their scattered flesh devoured by a flock of ravens. As you can see, I have much room for spiritual improvement. But I digress.

I have my reserves, and my concerns, but there are two things I want to communicate:

1. Pope Francis needs our prayers. I think everyone here can agree on that. Pray for him. The entire Catholic Church needs our prayers. Pray like you've never prayed before for the Holy Father. I saw how hard all of you prayed before the conclave. Well don't stop. He needs it.

2. Have faith in God. I promise you, He will deliver us from this present evil age one way or another. It may or may not be through Francis, but God will deliver.

I cannot fathom how a rupture in this community could be from anyone other than Satan at this point in time.
Hooah! From a retired US Airman.
What union are you talking about? Those people in the Vatican hierarchy, including the Pope, are not of the same mind as you, supposing you are a traditional Catholic.
There is no possible union between people who are separate in what they believe. If you understand the matter otherwise then you could also consider entering Freemasonry.
I dont think any amount of prayers, fervent as they might be, will change God's chastisement against this our world that is filthy beyond measure.
Francis is another destroyer of the Church. The handwriting is different, but the text is the same. Benedict ran away from the wolves, and they elected one of them. That will be Benedict's heritage in history books.
(03-17-2013, 09:10 PM)firefly_rosary Wrote: Hooah! From a retired US Airman.

*salutes* Thank you for your service Sir.

(03-18-2013, 03:18 PM)Montgisard Wrote: What union are you talking about?

The union of the Fish Eaters community.

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