Wait, WHAT? Some Muslim cleric just called Pope Francis the 2nd Coming of Jesus.
Please watch the video; it's some new flash player so I can't embed it but I need some explains!


This isn't a Pope Francis question at all, actually, but more of a what on earth kind of Muslim sect believes that Pope Francis broke the cross and signed Allah and Hmmm...

1. Jesus is returning
3. And the sign is that Jesus will "break the cross" (not sign himself)
4. To prove there is no Trinity anymore (Huh?) (I thought they didn't believe in a God Triune at all?!)
5. But the one god isn't even "Allah" now: it's
5. Masha’Allah (DBZ fans: sounds like Super Saiyan to me. Vegeta was cool, but then got REAL cool as a Super Saiyan.)
6. And the "sign" spoken of in the "hadith" is when the Pope no longer signs the cross in front of "the Faithful" (and Orthodox, not a Muslim!),
7. And instead makes "the one sign" (demonstrated as a fist up near your eyes, with a crooked index finger, meaning "I'm Jesus")
8. And the cross-breaker (aka Pope Francis) is The Second Coming
9. [but back to regular Muslim fashion] who comes just before Masha Allah and the end of the world.

I know there's some weird sht out there, so that "959 is a special number" didn't shock me, but since when did any Muslim look to East and West Christians for their Imam-Jesus? How long have they been waiting for this "one sign" gesture that would "break the cross"? Cause that's just freakin weird. I thought they expected Jesus to return as an Imam (the greatest one, true), but not as a POPE making a secret hand gesture!

These can't be regular Muslims, right? What am I missing. Are there suddenly now "Messianic Jewish Christian Muslims"? (Is that even a thing?)
Are those women robots?
Those women freaked me OUT! At first glimpse, I thought they were pretty. Then too pretty. Then had been under the knife way too often. Now I think they're machines; they just don't look right.

(Nor do they look "covered" or in any way "holy" by anyone's definition, and this is a holy cleric talking about ...Pope Jesus?)
(04-05-2013, 01:10 AM)rbjmartin Wrote: Are those women robots?

Ha! No doubt!!

Freaky..they look like someone offscreen had crosshairs trained on them. Or they are stepford wives.
Every religion has its fair share of crackpots.
Mash'Allah means "Thanks be to God."

Arab Catholics say it as well...

Not to mention Jews...
That's just standard fare in moslemland as far as Jesus returning to judge the people. They believe when he returns He will straighten the Christians out on the Crucifixion and Resurrection, not happening. They believe the Christians and Jews will convert or die.

The women look like moslem sex-bots. If they spoke English, they'd be hired by Fox in a heart beat and they would have to wear the t shirt under their dress to conceal their cleavage. Did you notice all of them had those balloon lips.

I'm thinking the devil knows the Consecration deadline is coming and wants to stir it up a little more This guy needs to talk to Ahemideanijad (sp?) and see if the iman in the well he speaks to is ready to come out.

Insane !

Apparently, that guy is a Turk. I wonder if the women are Turks. Is the cyborg look all the rage now in Turkey?
OMG those women!! What is THAT all about?

"Adnan Oktar (born 1956), also known as Harun Yahya,[1] is a Turkish author referred to as "the biggest propagator of ijaz literature"[2] as well as an Islamic creationist.[3] In 2007, he sent thousands of unsolicited copies of his book, Atlas of Creation,[4] which advocates Islamic creationism, to American scientists, members of Congress, and science museums.[5] Oktar runs two organizations of which he is also the Honorary President: Bilim Araştırma Vakfı (literally, "Science Research Foundation", BAV, established 1990), which promotes creationism and Milli Değerleri Koruma Vakfı (literally, "National Values Preservation Foundation", established 1995) which claimed to promote Turkish nationalism.[6] In the last two decades, Oktar has been involved in a number of legal cases, both as defendant and plaintiff."


He appears to be some sort of Sufi kook; hence the reading into a hand gesture and numerology.  I do not think he is saying that the Pope is Jesus; I think he is saying that Jesus is returning/returned, and inspired the Pope's actions.  He also appears to claim to have spoken to Jesus (or Mohammad, hard to tell) in his dreams, which isn't all that odd for a Sufi mystic-type.

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