Uh oh, the boomers have noticed.... !
This was posted in my Facebook feed by Regina Magazine (a great publication, by the way - if you don't already read it, you should!), with Regina making the comment:

Regina Magazine Wrote:So, over at the Distorter, Phyllis Zagano, 69, is finally realizing that the progressive, tradition- & orthodoxy-hating brand of faux Catholicism is actually disappearing along with the baby boomer generation. (And she is NOT happy.)

Anyway, have a read for yourself. I laughed through most of it.

Pop on over to the original article if you want to see the links to the letter from Salt & Light, etc that she references. And try to remember that she's being "charitable".


The next schism is already here

The next schism isn't down the road somewhere. It is already here. The proponents are lined up in a serious face-off, their team shirts emblazoned "Pre-Vatican II" and "Post-Vatican II."

The "Pre" folks are the all Latin, all the time minority, solemnly preferring Bach during liturgy. The "Post" people comprise the rest of us, dutifully singing St. Louis Jesuits' songs and even (gasp!) exchanging handshakes at the kiss of peace.

The fissure is getting worse, as more and more younger people come along yearning for the good old days (before they were born) when everything was orderly, everything had its place, and the rules were followed.

Meanwhile, older church professionals who adjusted to vernacular liturgies and who incorporate mercy into their understandings of justice are retiring daily. They are being replaced, where they are replaced, by people whose theological education is complemented by self-appointed Internet theo-bloggers whose opinions grow from the conviction that anything that happened since 1965 is anathema.

That is probably why Fr. Thomas Rosica, a Canadian priest and CEO of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation took on the so-called Catholic blogosphere several weeks ago, as he delivered the keynote address at the Brooklyn, N.Y., diocesan World Communications Day events. Rosica reported that many people say to him that "we 'Catholics' have turned the internet into a cesspool of hatred, venom and vitriol, all in the name of defending the faith!"

It is true. The internet, as Rosica said in Brooklyn, "can be an international weapon of mass destruction, crossing time zones, borders, and space."

Rosica, whose attorneys sent a "cease and desist" letter to a Canadian blogger who attacked him with a combination of character assassination and misinformation, charitably reported that "Often times the obsessed, scrupulous, self-appointed, nostalgia-hankering virtual guardians of the faith or of liturgical practices are very disturbed, broken and angry individuals, who never found a platform or pulpit in real life and so resort to the internet and become trolling pontiffs and holy executioners!"

I agree. Because they never did or at least no longer do find space in legitimate media, the self-appointed pontiffs build internet and other social media followings for their unfiltered personal attacks on anyone who strays beyond the boundaries of the church of their imaginings. In unedited postings, they freely criticize anyone -- from the pope on -- who carries and/or lives the Gospel in the "wrong" way.

I hope my own experience with these type persons is atypical. While Rosica's attorneys demanded his attacker stop assassinating the priest's character, my own university actually banned a nasty blogger from campus and any online activities some years ago, when he tried to disrupt one of my online seminars. The idea was to keep him away from me. Aside from denigrating my scholarship and defending his personal version of the faith, my attacker also brags about carrying a gun.

That is where the schism is now. It is no longer butchers and bakers having street fights over Real Presence, or any other theological issue. It is shoot-from-the-hip typists whose access to bandwidth lets them threaten your livelihood and, implicitly at least, your life. What they say is true because they say it, no matter their lack of credentials or, possibly, sanity.

The slow and steady recovery of church life during the papacy of Francis is marred by these true schismatics, who denigrate the pope and everything he says and does, and who long for the good old days. These bleating word processors have influenced, are influencing, and will influence otherwise kind people, who think verbal brickbats and worse will bring the church "around." Around to what?

[Phyllis Zagano is senior research associate-in-residence at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. She will speak Sept. 24, 2016, at The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. and in October 2016 at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Conn. Her books include Women Deacons: Past, Present, Future, Women Deacons? Essays with Answers and In the Image of Christ: Essays on Being Catholic and Female.]

I, for one, reject sacramental communion with people like the lady who wrote this piece. Whether I'm the schismatic or she is... I'll let God sort that out. I believe and worship the same as all the western saints until 1965 did.

So either me and all those saints are wrong, or this lady is.
"slow and steady recovery of church life during the papacy of Francis is marred by these true schismatics"...

Is there a slow and steady recovery of church life happening somewhere?
(07-13-2016, 10:25 PM)The Tax Collector Wrote: "slow and steady recovery of church life during the papacy of Francis is marred by these true schismatics"...

Is there a slow and steady recovery of church life happening somewhere?

I think there was a (very) small initial uptick, but I can't imagine that's been sustained. Certainly not in my neck of the woods, anyway.
That article was awful.
I don't have time right now because I am working, but later I'll post some stuff about Rosica.  Oh the irony of this man, of all men, complaining about "a cesspool of hatred." 
Making good on my promise:

There was quite a dustup in February of last year.  Like a good Leftist, Fr. Rosica sued someone whose comments he didn’t like, except he did it in such a way that caused a storm on the Web.  Fr. Rosica ought to know firsthand about “the cesspool of hatred.”  The dyed-in-the-wool liberal Conciliarist has a habit of Taking No Prisoners, not unlike those whose ecclesiastical politics he shares.

Many links below, chronicling Rosica’s response to being opposed.




Vox Cantoris and this blog ^ have been banned from posting on Rosica’s twitter feed.

Thomas Rosica CSB. - He should resign from the Holy See Press Office
February 16, 2015

And yet someone Rosica praised, a Gregory Baum, is, as one poster put it, “ the opposite of an exemplary Catholic and something has got to be seriously wrong with someone who would praise [Baum].”


And Mundabor weighs in: https://mundabor.wordpress.com/2015/02/2...osphere-m/

"Fr. Timothy Scott, official spokesman for Fr. Rosica's order (the Basilians), took down his tweet against Cdl Burke, hoping its memory would be forgotten. Not so fast--we have a screen capture of the tweet. Feel free to share far and wide."

And a boatload of links criticizing Rosica for his un-Catholic behavior, here:

The point is that it is by no means supposedly “radically” traditional groups who have criticized the Rosica Tactical School.  Many moderate Catholics have called him on the carpet for modeling anything but charity himself.  Oppose Rosica’s Vatican-Insider Politics, and watch him try to destroy you.

In short, the NCR article is a complete misrepresentation of Rosica's character, as publicly viewable.  His animus and vengefulness against traditional Catholics has been widely recorded.  And the author is so obviously biased and has an agenda, not the least of which is the heresy of Modernism.

Wtf is a legitimate media? The AAS?

I loved the article. Full of ironies and that precious aroma of liberal's resentment.
(07-15-2016, 08:32 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote: [...] that precious aroma of liberal's resentment.

So that's what the smell is!
The things that were done "In the Spirit of Vatican II" are some of the worst things to happen in our dear Mother Church since its beginnings. Nearly none of these were anything about subjects mentioned or studied or even talked about in detail or even had notes taken for later review. In other words, its all made up, by liberal fools who think that our Church looks better in Anglican garb.

Sorry, but I remain a steadfast, preVatican II, dinosaur. That is how I was raised and I saw the despicable abuses take over and change what I knew as The Roman Catholic Church.

Return the Altars to their proper position, with everyone facing Jesus and the Tabernacles to their place of respect, to start, and then, return to the Latin Rite Mass and maybe some good old Bach too!

[quote dateline='1468700321']
(07-15-2016, 08:32 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote: [...] that precious aroma of liberal's resentment.
So that's what the smell is!

:deadhorse: <--- I kinda thought it smelled like it would around this guy.

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