Easter Vigil Mass
Let me tell you about the Mass I attended on Saturday night. I was in a small rural Parish. I counted 40 adults and several children, tho' I would guess that lots of families with small children opted for the Mass on Sunday morning. The Pastor is a young priest, I would guess in his late thirties to early forties. I would think this is probably his first 'solo' appointment.

The Mass was completely according to the rubrics. It was strictly read the black and do the red. While it was entirely in English, they must at least occasionally use Latin since in the hymnal racks were cards with the peoples' parts in Latin with Gregorian chant notations.

Father took all the longest, most conservative options. All nine readings, no optional shortenings. The responses were sung, if the people were familiar with the music and said if they were not. At least I assume that was the case.

All in all, the Mass took two hours. It may be the lengthiest Vigil Mass I've ever attended that didn't have a Bishop celebrating!

Now, a quiz! In which Diocese would you expect this to be the norm? And, I guarantee you, it IS the Diocesan norm!

Any guesses?

He used the Roman Canon and named all the optional Saints.

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Wow. Our parish normally only does 4/7 readings, and it still takes at least 2.5 hours (sometimes 3). Of course, there's baptisms and confirmations in the mix, but still. Two hours seems short!
I'm going to guess, Diocese of Lincoln?
(04-17-2017, 01:12 PM)Melkite Wrote: I'm going to guess, Diocese of Lincoln?

Bingo! You are right! St Weceslaus Church, Wilber, NE, about 45 minutes from Lincoln.

And I left out a couple of things. 1) I needed to use the washroom before Mass. It's in the basement. As I opened the door at the bottom of the stairs, I was confronted by a beautifully accoutred, temporary Altar of Repose. I actually did a double take before I genuflected. and 2) the bells in the steeple pealed troughout the joyously sung Gloria. I heard about this, because it upset my wife's dog!

And, of course, you have my prayers.

Oh, and Prairie Mom, there were no baptisms, receptions or confirmations in this two hour liturgy. If there had been, I'm sure it would have been much longer!
I thought I was safe on Easter morning because the organ started playing during the opening hymn...and then I realized later that someone was playing the drums. I also realized the organist stopped playing the organ in lieu of guitars and drums. Then the "Kids, please come up and take an instrument" thing (is this just a Saskatchewan thing? PM, I know you've mentioned it too) started for the closing hymn and I made a Sign of the Cross right there. Trying to find a bright side in the moment, I was at least grateful that they had hand bells and not rattles this time, from what I could see. And then a bunch of people started clapping to Lord of the Dance.

By this time next year, Deo gratias, my Easter will be celebrated at the Traditional Latin Mass.
Oh, and I left out the sermon. It began with a reference to the Holy Shroud of Turin, and ended with an exhortation not to receive Holy Communion unless one was in a State of Grace. Sin and damnation were mentioned!

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