Vox has SERIOUS trouble - please help.
Fish Eater Friends,

I am nervous about posting this, because I have no permission from Vox to do so. Alas, I see no sure way of contacting Vox to seek her permission. As Vox, I know, is not only blocked from the forum, but also her email, FB etc.

Yes, I am nervous and what follows is entirely my initiative and nothing to do with her.

Anyway as some of you have surely noticed Vox hasn't posted here for 9 days and requested help with a serious computer problem. But, for whatever reason, she took that original call for help down. So many of you probably didn't see it.

Since then, I have heard from her, by an extremely circuitous route (as she has no e-mail access etc.) that the computer failure has "progressed" and is now TOTAL.

Thus, I ask you to consider helping her in her hour of need - and donate.

As I see it, Vox pours her LIFEBLOOD into this site which not only provides a warm and caring community for traditional Catholics across the globe, but is a very important source for communicating the Tradition. By virtue of much that is posted here, Vox, in particular, also does a lot to educate us all about developments in the secular world (e.g. transgender dolls, gay Santa books for children etc. - to name only two examples in recent weeks ) that are important to stay abreast of.

Really, she gives and gives and gives in all kinds of ways, many unseen. But although she dedicates her life to this work, she gets very, very little in return (apart from plenty of abuse over the years from many quarters who cannot see her for what she is.)

Thus, I am taking this step to really beg you to be as generous as you can in helping her in this hour of need.

The link for donations is in the upper right-hand comer of the screen. (Where it says "Click to Donate" obviously.)

And please forgive me, Vox, if I've screwed-up in "exposing you" like this.

Donation link does not appear to be working for me..
Thanks, Dave01!

Yes I see that link has a problem - so I modified my original post to just point to the upper right corner of the screen  where it says "Click to Donate". Not sure where it appears on mobile devices as I never touch those things ...

Grateful to see your interest in helping Vox.
Done and done. Roger!  :church:
(04-20-2017, 09:27 AM)HailGilbert Wrote: Done and done. Roger!  :church:

I'm not currently in a position where I can donate money, but I will gladly donate my prayers.
Will pray, but I should be able to kick in a bit at the first of the month.
Hi Roger,
I don't have money at the moment, but I do have a HP ProBook 4530s she can have. At the moment,  it's running a Linux distribution called Mint. When she had made her initial plea I sent her a message through here, had wondered at the lack of response. Either way, she can have it. It has a second generation i5, 4 gigs of ram. I don't have a license for Windows, or I'd offer to put that on it. Perhaps DS80? My eldest daughter might have a lead on a license, but I'll need to check with her on that. Let me know where it should go to, whether I should change the OS, et cetera.
Prayers for this. I'll try to give what I can if I come upon some extra money. Thanks for this Mr. Buck.
I sent what I could.  Wish it were more. 

Prayers for Vox  :pray2: :pray2: :pray2:

This site changed my life.  I owe her a debt of gratitude for bringing Pilgrim and I to tradition.

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