Invalid confession?
I destroyed my chance of reconciliation again :(
I wrote down all my sins and said it all but did not say the number of some, I don't know if out of suppression and lying or confusion :( I blurted it out in the plural form instead..even if I knew I had to say the numbers!
I knew I should have examined my conscience to the best of my ability but it had the same feeling as when I'm studying math, blurred and confusing I end up procrastinating, but that's my own choice! I think I intentionally supressed the numbers thinking if I did it by accident it may still be forgiven anyway.....IM SO CONFUSED! I feel like I'm evil and there's no way out..I really did make a sacrilegious confession..and I only get to do it once a year, now I'll have to abstain from communion for a long time. I feel bad and guilty for intentionally not examining properly. Confusion or suppression? Is it possible to hide and not think of a mortal sin from my OWN self??
First, take a few deep breaths. Relax.

If you intended to make a good Confession and didn't remember to mention the amount of some of them, that's okay. If you intended to purposefully withhold information (ie, a specific sin you're embarrassed by), that's when the Confession is sacrilegious. God knows the heart and I'm sure you went to Confession intending to make a good one.

We're not required to mention exact numbers; a rough estimate works. "Several times," for example, would suffice, or "I did this on and off over the past week." If the priest needs more information in order to absolve you, he will ask for it.

Please watch this and take some more slow, deep breaths.

If you did everything to the best of your ability and you were truly sorrowful for your sins and the priest didn't ask for more detail, you're fine!  :incense:
(05-01-2017, 10:25 PM)GoodKingWenceslas Wrote: If you did everything to the best of your ability and you were truly sorrowful for your sins and the priest didn't ask for more detail, you're fine!  :incense:
This! :thumb:

If it would bring you peace, why don't you sit with Our Lord in prayer for a while tonight and simply tell Him, "Lord, I meant to mention everything and I'm sorry for not mentioning the amounts. I wanted to make a good Confession. Thank you for forgiving me and forgetting my sins anyway." And then I would leave it at that.

You wouldn't have this internal struggle if you truly misused the Sacrament. You'd know without question. The words, "I think I intentionally suppressed the numbers" in your post make it obvious that you did not commit the mortal sin of sacrilege.

Be at peace.
On another matter. You mention you are only able to go to confession once per year?

Most churches that I have been to or heard of offer confession at least once a week. Even outside of regular confession times most priests will still hear your confession if you ask them when they aren't busy or set up an appointment. You can technically go to confession as often as you want but I would probably limit it to once a week at most except for cases of certain mortal sin. We are obliged to go to confession "at least" once per year, not at most.
I respectfully disagree with Dominicus.

Since you have scruples, I would highly suggest you go to Confession about once a month or so unless you need to confess definite mortal sins. That month or so gives you time to sort out the unpleasant feelings of scruples and not associate the feelings with actual sins, or at least not mortal ones. You have to let yourself feel those feelings and not immediately blanket them with these kinds of threads and the like. The more often you can avoid making these kinds of threads, asking people around you for assurance, confessing "maybe" sins, etc, the better.
Wow thank you guys. Out of all the forums this one is where I can feel God's love the most...others just make me more scrupulous! I still feel as though I did not confess it to the best of my ability, because I have my own mind and I could have thought of it..instead I avoided it, ever remember the feeling when you're studying math??
While I was saying the last two sins I thought of how many times I did it and blurted it out in a plural way but INTENTIONALLY did not say the numbers. I've had confessions like this 3 times already and I feel like an idiot...doing this 3's like I don't take confession seriously, I always fail! I honestly don't think I've tried to the best of my ability. I can't pray..I'm so stressed, I won't take communion.. The thought of praying to Him stresses me out right now...why! :( am I trying to avoid Him too? As to not get reminded of what I've done? Or feeling like I'm still in the sTate of mortal sin??
You don't have to mention specific numbers. Let's take stealing as an example. Say you went into a store five times in the same week and stole a candy bar each time. You could say, "I stole a candy bar five times/I stole five candy bars," or you could say, if you forgot the exact amount of times or aren't exactly sure, "I stole some candy bars several times this week."

As already stated, as long as the priest did not request additional information, you're fine. If he needed it to absolve you, he would have asked.
Exactly! That's what I thought so too..before I got replies from certain forums saying the exact or approximate number should be said, due to some law I think from the Vatican? Can't find it..that to make a confession we should state 'by kind and number'
And even if several or many times turned out to be okay....what about my intentions?? I still did not say it even after I read that :(
If you did everything to the best of your ability and the priest accepted your confession then God accepted your confession.
:) :) :)

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