Could use advice about anxiety
Remember to breathe deeply while you exercise, or even just while walking around. Anxious minds need oxygen.
(05-27-2009, 11:03 PM)Iolanthe Wrote: Remember to breathe deeply while you exercise, or even just while walking around. Anxious minds need oxygen.

Indeed, and another thing is to simply relax.  I find sometimes that when I am running or even just concentrating on something, I tend to tense up.  I had a violin teacher once who had a very difficult time getting me to relax when I was playing, but once I got it, my playing improved a lot.  Now whenever I am concetrating hard on something, I make sure I am not pointlessly tensing any muscles.  This leads to better preformance in whatever I am doing, but it also really reduces the general level of stress I feel, because it can all really add up throughout the day.
I started working at 3 AM for UPS years ago, back duing my undergraduate studies.  There were days when I couldn't fall asleep at 8 PM the night before work, and I would end up draggin the entire next day.  This led to bouts of anxiety, trying desperately to fall asleep at night, and all that.  I found that praying was a big help.  Particularly, when I would get stressed and start running my mind in circles, I would just say Memorare after Memorare, and eventually I would fall asleep.  I think that was good for two reasons.  Obviously, I was imploring the Blessed Mother for help.  Secondly, though, it got my mind into a rhythm, into a pattern.  Gave me something to do besides think.  I recommend it.
I got nothin'.

Well, maybe except praying the Rosary, AND getting enough sleep, fresh air, and physical activity.

I do poorly on the last three.
I am much better now, thank you so much for all the advice.  My boss is likely gone, I think the powers that be are on to her ineptitude.  She was basically making me the scapegoat for everything that she was failing to do.  I like her, and I don't wish her harm, but it was wearing on me.

I've also started taking walks, and it seems to have helped a great deal.  I've taken all of this advice into account and I do think it's helped me.

Regarding the comments about me taking it too hard, I don't think I was.  I think the way I express myself in type is perhaps a little exaggerated.  I don't think of myself as any more "defective" than your average joe, rather, I accept being defective as part of my human nature, being fallen, and all that. 
Turn out the light and take deep breath in the midnight.
first off, I'm sorry you are feeling this way.  :(    I'm a rather nervous person myself but I lift weights a lot and that really helps, and a good run as well. Praying the rosary or going to a good TLM is always the best cure though. Best of Luck!

    Your advice is the best advice I have read in years.  Just knock it off.  I love it. 

Watch this video of Bob Newhart on MAD TV.  It is great advice.  I really hope you watch it.

(05-12-2009, 11:38 PM)libby Wrote: ....what Satori said.

and you don't have a defect, but you're awfully good at working yourself up into a lather.

....cut it out.


takes one to know one, Inion - I used to be like that, and it honestly just about killed me.

look at it this way - you have so many good things about you - concentrate on those.

and a good way of dealing with those fantasies..... delicious ( in a perverse way) though they may to imagine her as a little kid getting mistreated in some way.

Sounds weird, but if you do it enough, it actually works and you start feeling sorry for her.

Anxiety doesn't HAVE to be part of your just feels that way.

It doesn't help I'm married to Inion and I project- my family is bad too, they're your stereotypical American Capitalist Protty materialists. 

My own sister calls me a drama queen, and it pisses me off.

I think I don't help when I'm wigged out.

I'm not a drama queen!!!!!

(me puts on one of Laura's dresses and runs around in the yard screaming Alanis Morrissette songs )

But I definitely don't think it helps that I deal with my crap naturally (drink) as has been done since my people came to this continent, so she did the same as me.

She's a rather young Catholic, so to speak, in comparison to me; not disregarding her devout traditionalism. 9 years now I've been Catholic; not listening to all the NO dreck I've come to accept things and take all that life gives me as a blessing. I suffered being right beside my father when he became paralised, I went through Hurricane Rita which destroyed my shop and livelyhood, and most recently Hurricane Ike. The bad things are time off from purgatory.  Even though they piss me off.

Anxiety is now days a concocted reason to prescribe drugs when the patient is too scared or apprehensive to attack that which cause said anxiety.

Over the last couple weeks I've come to realise that. Internet or not, drugs or not, booze or not, a person will end up saying what comes to them, without any interlocatur. And my recent postings are evidence of that. I apologise to you, specifically Satori, from a recent thread. Rosarium still gets full strength. He's still an asshole, but he's ok. 

I must go now, because my wife has to beat me. The beatings will continue until morale improves... so maybe I will come back with a good attitude
YOU'RE married to Inion??!!!

Man, you're LUCKY!!!!

This is starting to be Fisheaters Traditional Couples Forum,  :laughing:

so many of you are married!



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