SSPX or Orthodox
(10-02-2009, 05:17 AM)Benno Wrote: oh it's so SIMPLE!  :laughing: People have every reason to think that they should avoid the sspx, "roman rite" or not, rightly/ wrongly or not. It's gotten a lot of good/ bad/ true/ false  wraps from both enemies and supporters. Come on people, get out of your little world and think of those outside it. Personally I remember trawling through all sorts of crap both theoretially and experientially about the sspx out of scrupulosity, before getting to a realistic understanding of them.  ;D
You get "The Understatement of the Year' Award.
For which bit?  :laughing:
This topic is pretty ridiculous and I'm surprised its merited 3 pages worth of responses.

Here's the facts, nsper.

The Priestly Society of St. Pius X is a Roman Catholic order of Priests who is now finally beginning to feel the benevolent effects of a Pontificate that does not persecute the traditional Catholic faith. Their Masses, their Priests, their faith is 100% unadulterated Roman Catholic. Period.

.... The Orthodox Church is nothing more than a 1000 year old schismatic conglomerate of heretical ceasaropapists. Valid Mass? Sure ... as is a Black Mass given by an apostate Priest for the sole purpose of desecrating the consecrated host. This line of thinking (valid=ok to attend) is foreign to Catholicism. So your choice is, nsper:

Valid Catholic Mass given by fully Catholic Priests  vs.  Valid Mass given by heretics of a millenia-old schismatic Church.

What's it going to be?

In Corde Regis,

good god. Give me a second...

thanks scipio!  :)
(10-02-2009, 05:19 AM)GodFirst Wrote: Would you even be able to understand the schismatic priest's sermon, when it's likely in a lauguage you don't understand?

??? ??? ??? I went to Orthodox DL for years and never heard a sermon in any language but English.
I would attend the SSPX (and do as often as possible) with no qualms or questions. :pray2:
(10-02-2009, 05:56 AM)Benno Wrote: GOOD WILL HUNTING VIDEO CLIP

thanks scipio!  :)


Using non sequitur video clips does not make you as cool as me.

You have to do something like this:

The opening shows the destruction of the NO and Martin Sheen (Nsper7) in Saigon waiting...waiting to figure out...SSPX or Orthodox

And here comes +Fellay and the SSPX who blow the crap out of the modernist commie NOs

Here Martin Sheen (Nsper7) gets to meet a shirtless +Fellay who describes the recently finished talks with Rome

Big laughs.  But please don't say "shirtless +Fellay" again.
OK, I won't say "Shirtless + Fellay"  :bronxcheer:


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