Here's what the liberals have to say about the anglican return (NCR)
How about we make a deal with the Anglicans:

We'll take all their Anglo-Catholics who are willing to fully submit to the authority of Bishop of Rome and adhere to Catholic doctrine and they can have all our mushy liberal modern progressives. Sound like a fair trade?  :laughing:
Nsper, I wonder if that might be exactly what Benedict is trying to do.  Bringing more traditionalists into the church here and with the talks with the SSPX is going to create a shift in dynamics.  He is already promoting the more traditional bishops at every opportunity.  My guess is that he knows his days are limited and that the only way he can keep the church moving the way the Holy Spirit seems to be guiding it is by putting the traditionalists in charge, and making sure that there are enough of them in the church that they either convert the liberals or at least make them so uncomfortable that they defect. 
Quote:Someone should warn these Anglicans that two out of three American Catholics support the ordination of women"

It is a sad fact that 3 out of 4 American Catholics does not give a damn, what the Church is teaching, the matters of the Church are just soundbites for them as the soundbites about the events in Iraqui or in the land of the Philistine. 3 out of 4 Catholics are alienated from our Mother, the Church

Also it is a sad fact that 3 out 4 of the American Catholics, who are active in their faith a least to attending Mass weekly, never heard serious information about the ordination of women, namely that the Sacraments are not the invention of the Church, but the Sacraments are instituted by Christ, and He did not gave authority to the Church to ordain women. This information is hidden by the liberals because they do not like it, and it is hidden by the trads, because they do not like John Paul II, who declared it solemnly.
Quoted from Lagrange:

Those Anglicans who enter into the Catholic Church will essentially become Catholics. (Contrary to media spin which presents things as though they'll become half-Catholic half-Anglican.) Obviously they'll have to make clear they hold the Catholic Faith in all its integrity.

I suppose the Pope's provisions can be seen as a fatherly gesture to make the conversion process as psychologically easy as possible (of course, in a way harmonious with the Faith, otherwise 'conversion' is an empty word). There's nothing in principle wrong with some diversity of expression, e.g.: see the eastern rites. But I do get your point; the eastern Catholics have had their traditions from apostolic times, and diversity can be traced back to then. But the Anglicans have had their differences result from schism/heresy, in some way or another. Still even some  changes associated with a heresy/schism need not all be considered inherently schismatic/heretical. And so liturgical and disciplinary differences which developed ''from'' the heresy can be tolerated, 'cause they're incidental to it, not bound up with the heresy necessarily...Hey, some of high anglican liturgy I suspect would be more Catholic than the Novus Ordo. (Once the sacramental form is rectified of the high Ang. liturgy, if it needs rectifying). 

It is still a bit distressing since their liturgy is so "young" and it did not grow organically within the Church like the TLM.
I guess I have mixed feelings about it. I see your point about being "fatherly" to them. But converting should not just entail just succumbing to Papal authority, but accepting the whole of Catholicism.
(liturgy, practice of faith, etc...)
I guess we will see how all of this plays out.
It seems here some are worried about their Liturgy. Would you have them come in and use the Ordinary Form??? I hope not!!! If their are, and I think there are, errors in their "Book of Prayer" then it will be fixed by Pope Benedict at the helm and not Msgr. Bugnini.

I have a sneaky mind and I have said this before. What if the SSPX receives jurisdiction, and the TAC comes in and accepts the faith, then Pope Benedict, suspends all the remaining Cardinals and Bishops until they are vetted for modernism by him or his successor, and then consecrates Russia with all the remaining Bishops in the World. Neat Solution, huh!!! I hope you read this your Holiness.

Sounds like a pipe dream, Tim.
Not only a pipe dream, but one that would cause deep schisms within the church.  We should prefer that the heretics inside the church repent and accept the true faith, not that they all leave to start their own various broken churches.  I thought we learnt this lesson during 400 years ago.
Yeah but dreamin' aint a sin, just fun. Seriously I didn't say excommunicate but suspend them until further vetting for modernism and perhaps taking the oath against Modernism, which already exists. Those that leave may have hardened hearts, and No One thought or cared about those of us who left in 1970 and the subsequent years of change.
"It is still a bit distressing since their liturgy is so 'young' and it did not grow organically within the Church like the TLM."

This seems to remind me of another "liturgy." Hmmmm...I can't quite put my finger on it... ???
(10-25-2009, 01:58 PM)Lee Timmer Wrote: "It is still a bit distressing since their liturgy is so 'young' and it did not grow organically within the Church like the TLM."

This seems to remind me of another "liturgy." Hmmmm...I can't quite put my finger on it... ???

Yeah, I git what you are pokin' at....

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