Change of Celebrant Announced
Change of Celebrant Announced
April 21, 2010 • 2:41 pm
    In consultation with His Eminence, Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, The Paulus Institute has agreed to seek another celebrant for the Pontifical Solemn High Mass taking place on April 24th.  This action will help maintain the solemnity, reverence and beauty of the Mass.

The Paulus Institute was formed for the propagation of sacred liturgy. The Traditional Latin Mass planned for April 24th honoring Pope Benedict on his five-year inauguration anniversary is a liturgical event much bigger than the individual celebrant. Cardinal Castrillon was approached to celebrate the Mass early in what has been a three-year effort because of his special experience in celebrating this form of Mass and his efforts under Pope John-Paul II and Pope Benedict XV I in encouraging the traditional form of the Mass, full liturgy and sacraments.

We are in the process of seeking another Bishop to celebrate a Pontifical Solemn Mass on Saturday and are confident that one will agree. However, in any event, a beautiful, dignified Traditional Latin Mass will be celebrated at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on Saturday at 1PM and will be the first time in nearly a half century this has occurred. All Catholic faithful are encouraged to attend.

The Paulus Institute regards all sexual abuse as tragic and a heinous sin and supports Pope Benedict’s fight to rid this disease from the Church. It stands on the side of every victim of clerical sexual abuse and earnestly desires to bind up the wounds done to their human dignity, to vindicate their civil and canonical rights, and to help them in the restoration in Christ of all they have lost.

To that end, The Paulus Institute supports the directives by the Supreme Roman Pontiff and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that all bishops should report crimes of sexual abuse to the police in accordance with the requirements of civil law. However, the Paulus Institute is not competent, nor does it have the facts, to form an opinion about the about recent media reports concerning Cardinal Castrillon.

The Paulus Institute requests respect for the human dignity and civil rights of all who participate in this sacred liturgy and observance for the tranquility and good order of the celebration.

This is just sad. Maybe to make things easier we should first ask the media who they approve of before schedualing a Mass.
I was mad about that.... but I was also mad about Castrillon Hoyos' comments about what to do with pedo priests.
Wait, I don't understand what's going on.  Why are they changing celebrants, and what did Cardinal Hoyos say?  I read the link, but it seems to assume I know something I don't.
The bishop should have turned him to the cops if he had found out about the abuse outside of the confessional, but since the learned of the abuse during confession, he was bound to keep the seal of confession.  The bishop made the right decision, the seal of confession must always be kept.
Did Cardinal Hoyos make his comment recently or nine years ago?  There is no mention of it in that article.
(04-21-2010, 04:58 PM)verenaerin Wrote:I was trying to find out what this was about. Here is the story.

The priest confessed to his Bisop what he did. The Bishop relieved him of his position but did not call the cops. It was covered under the seal of confession. Cardinal Castrion was praising the bishop in upholding the seal of confession.

BTW, this was 9 years ago.

But in the end, even the seal of confession was broken, because we know about it.

(04-21-2010, 04:45 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: I was mad about that.... but I was also mad about Castrillon Hoyos' comments about what to do with pedo priests.
What did he say?
Years and years of lies and deceptions in liturgy , dogmas and morals are coming home to roost for the Church these days. It's sad for those of us who love JESUS and his ONLY church, but everyone knew this was one day going to break out, its housecleaning time folks!!!!!!!! :pray2:
The Paulus Institute is stupid for these actions. 
The bishop does not have to break the seal of confession by turning someone in to the cops. He can make it the person's penance to turn himself in.

Then he can publicly comment that the priest is disobeying an order to turn himself in without saying what for.

I mean, if I were a bishop that's what I would do..... 

Men are sooooooooo lucky I am a woman!    ;D
(04-21-2010, 04:45 PM)The_Harlequin_King Wrote: I was mad about that.... but I was also mad about Castrillon Hoyos' comments about what to do with pedo priests.

In the nineties there was a book: Eye to eye. This described how some people who later became Israeli citizens executed Polish people without proper investigation, many of the innocent fro any crime committed during the war. When later their action were scrutinized, they fled to Israel and Israel never punished them or give them out.

I it not the obligation to any group to defend their members. Is the murder less serious then alleged abuse of underage individuals?

One can live with any morality, but the double morality is that of the evil.

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