Francisco Franco was a hero.
Spain need another man like this.  :pray:

I hate to say because I have Spanish blood but I never knew anything about this man, all I had ever heard was that he was a dictator and a fascist. However after actually reading about him he came across as a person that saved his country whose only sin was that he would not lay down before the enemy and that he actually beat them.

There are questions that remain however, did he actually have Catholic priests executed? If this is true this would be a great contradiction.
You don't know enough about Spain or Franco. What did you read? It's always a good idea to read more than one or two books about something.
(04-30-2010, 03:34 AM)Benno Wrote: You don't know enough about Spain or Franco. What did you read? It's always a good idea to read more than one or two books about something.

I know quite a bit about Spain but much like the topic of any other countries history it with me it ends before the 1900s. I have never been really all that interested in modern secular history.

All I know about Spain in the early 1900s is that the communists wanted to take down the legitimate government of Spain and Franco stopped them.

Can you recommend any books?
If your appreciation of history stops at about 1900 (fair enough, I don't blame you!) then how can you glorify a man who was part of the 20th century, with all it's problems? No I can't recommend any books, to be honest. I just lived in Spain for a while and talked to a lot of people, mainly in the Basque country. I heard enough from them to make me know that glorified historical accounts of Franco are written by twits. He wounded the Church in Spain just as much as he supposedly defended it.
Now I'm interested, Benno, what did the Basque say about him ? This is the kind of history which is invalueable, actually eye witnesses.
have you read the Last crusade? how about you benno? ill talk about spain till me thumbs are blue> yes Franco was a hero and he was a very pius man. he did do some mistakes the greatest of which was his betrayal of the carlists. but i doubt thats what ol benno is on about
besides that Franco was a hero by any definition.
What I'm curious about is Opus Dei and Franco.DK, between me and you I can tell when the stories are horsefeathers, and I don't fall easily for fab, gear, cool liberetardation. ( What do you know a new word, huh !)
Well depending on the years many of francos cabinet were in the Work. But he himself wasn't. But he was a very pius order to aprreciat Franco u really have to study what was happening to his country. And the anarchist and communoist terror. So bennp says Franco dameged the church? Well in the republican zone during the last crusade over 10,000 priests were murdered. Mayrters for the faith. That's 10,000. And some even support a higher number compare that to what how the church and priests where treated in the nationalist zone ie under Franco. Franco wasn't a saint but he was a heroe and he wasn't a tyrant. After the anarchists and republicin defeat executions did occure for years but they were done with a process. A legal process. Not just taken to the back and shot. The records of the executions are availible and much has been written about them all were just. All deserved it and very very very few even contested their guilt. By the way thwe 10,000 number does not onclude niuns and sisters who were raped or murdered in the republican zone nore pious catholics. Just to give a glimpse of the terror.
But I'm sure benno lnows all this
Just sayin
DK, that's the thumbnail picture I have. I wonder what the Basque's have to say as after one cuts away the horsefeathers then we may find a few nuggets. That's all. I wonder why they would say that he hurt the Church?
well if all benno has is the words of basques then yeah obviously they have a grudge. but that's not how history works. grudges aside lets compare the Church under the republican zone and the nationalist? keep in mind almost all books and history about this is written by leftists and those who are and were sympathetic to the terror. i've spent allot of time around basques. being Irish i"m instinctively sympathetic but in order to have a solid view of Franco i have to put down that instinct and realize that to Franco saving his nation and religion. all else the basques complaining or whatever was a far second
so lets start this by a question what makes one a hero of the faith?

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