Vienese Cardinal Attacks Sodano: It's ok to be gay sometimes
AP Wrote:  VIENNA — Austria's cardinal has said the former second-highest Vatican official blocked a probe into a sex abuse scandal that rocked the country's Catholic church 15 years ago.

    Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn also accused Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the retired Vatican secretary of state, of causing "massive harm" to victims when he dismissed claims of clerical abuse as "petty gossip" on Easter Sunday.

    Schoenborn's recent comments to a select group of journalists were summarized by the Catholic news agency Kathpress.

Not only replying using the same wording, the Cardinal is sure to get a couple of licks in for his homosexual and leftist agenda by arguing the morally qualitative difference between homosexuals in committed relationships and those who are not and even tried his best to make it look like there was a cover-up in the first place:

AP Wrote:"The days of cover up are over," Schoenborn said during last week's interview.

    In other comments, Schoenborn was quoted as saying that the quality of a gay relationship should be taken into greater consideration.

    "A stable relationship is certainly better than if someone simply indulges in promiscuity," Schoenborn said. The church also needed a new perspective on the remarriage of divorcees, he added.
Schoenborn is an Apostate I wonder when his next Balloon Mass is? :balloons:
If only someone could attach a giant helium balloon to him and just float away . . .

Also, isn't this Schornborn vs Sodano thing surreal? It's like a sick dog calling a kettle black.
(05-08-2010, 12:14 AM)maldon Wrote: Also, isn't this Schornborn vs Sodano thing surreal? It's like a sick dog calling a kettle black.
Its pretty oddball to say the least.
"It's ok to be gay sometimes"..."like me"?
Well, it certainly sounds like Schoenborn is an apostate, but I wish we had more context for his comments about the "stability" of some relationships.
Schönborn is a vile heretic. We don't need any context, his scandalous words speak for themselves. His behaviour has been constantly a disgrace and a scandal. If we still lived in normal times, he would've been excommunicated by now.

You can tell how sick the Church is when we have avowed heretics unharmed in positions of power and dignity and traditional catholics marginalized, ostracized and even falsely excommunicated like Arch. Lefebvre.

Yes, Vetus, it is uniquely emblematic of our time that the Schornborn-Sodanos walk freely in and out of all churches, while Abp. Lefebvre was excommunicated. Amazing. Hey, maybe the Schornborn-Sodano thing is a lover's quarrel. Maybe they are gender confused due to something related to the third person in the triangle. Maybe its Pelosi. That could confuse anybody.

OK, so that may have been uncharitable. Sorry. I will pray for them all today.
When will he be calling for a new perspective on the Trinity?  Christology?  Marian devotion?  The Real Presence?

Bah!  Heretical heresying heretics...
Schonborn will be coming out as Gay any week now. He with Cardinal Quellet of Quebec City and Father Fessio were supposed to be friends with Pope Benedict. But Schnoborn is an angry man ready to oppose the church for his own needs.

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