Discerning priesthood with the old catholic church
I have been raised a roman catholic my whole life. I have also had a desire to minister in the church, visit the imprisoned, and minister to the homeless. I am considering pursuing vocations with the old catholic church due to their valid apostolic sucession and they allow married men to minister as a latin rite priest.  I have no desire to be a parish priest, but simply to serve and minister the needy.

Would this put my soul in peril? I fully believe all that the church teaches, although i struggle with papal infallibilty like the old catholics do as well. It really seems like a good fit, and i feel as if i can still remain a part of christs universal church.

I would of course only say the traditional mass, and would preach fully in line with catholic tradition.
(08-13-2010, 01:12 PM)dustman Wrote: Would this put my soul in peril?

Yes, forget it! You wish to be come a schismatic and risk your salvation to fulfill some personal ambition? One cannot do evil in order to attain some good. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I had a novus ordo priest advise me that if my conscience tells me that it would be serving the lord that i should follow. Especially since the eastern rites have married priests, i fail to see how i am doing evil by spreading christs message.
Because schismatizing from the Church IS evil, regardless of what your conscience tells you.
Sadly, the Old Catholic Church is in schism, and it would be spiritually dangerous for you to enter into their clergy.

Believe me, I'd love to be able to become a priest (I'm married, also) and offer the traditional rites and preach the traditional religion, but that option isn't on the table with the Roman Church, and hasn't been for some centuries. To go to a schismatic group sounds great on the surface, but isn't worth it in the end.

Pray about this and ask God to show you where your zeal can be used within the confines of the Church :)
dustman Wrote:I have no desire to be a parish priest, but simply to serve and minister the needy.

In that case, become a deacon. The principal job of the priest is to offer the sacraments and spiritual direction; but for the deacon, it is to serve the poor and be a bishop's or priest's right-hand man. Married men are allowed to be deacons in the Latin Rite, but must be 35 or older.
This is certianly something that i must discern and pray about. Some would say that those who follow the SSPX are schismatic, even the roman church sees the old catholics and polish catholics as true churches but in an imperfect communion. I feel that i may be able to do much good by bringing christs holy sacraments to those imprisoned. Have you any idea how rarely priests visit the imprisioned?

Personally i see how its any less spiritually hazardous than entering into a group such as the SSPV who do not even recognise the holy father as pope (or atleast have an ambigousness to their stance) versus a group who sees him as the sucessor of peter as the old catholics do , and simply question papal infallibility.
The SSPX isn't schismatic, though they are in irregular communion with Rome. The Polish National Catholic Church is likewise in an irregular communion, and they, like the SSPX, are in dialogue with Rome; unlike the SSPX, the PNCC actually has real theological differences with Rome, whereas the SSPX mostly has disciplinary differences with the Holy See.

Great advice from HK; the diaconate sounds like an ideal vocation to consider.

I've considered it myself, and it's still on the table, but I know what I want to do is offer the sacraments. Choosing the diaconate just because I can't be a priest, as opposed to truly wanting to be a deacon exclusively, isn't a way to make a choice like this. If I felt called to the diaconate in and of itself, I will reconsider. Till then, I am more likely to see if the ICK oratory I attend TLMs at would train me to serve on the altar, though we'll need to move closer to the area, first.

Either way, pray about it and look into the diaconate.
I've seen people get ordained in the OC who wouldn't have even been ordained by +Hunthausen or +Gumbleton.

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