In the Protestant Church: Catholic Diocese Praises Womens' Ordination in Childre
Editor: Reminds us of the old saying, "we'll get to you through your children", or the Jesuit adage, "give us a boy till seven, and I'll show you the man" The following was translated from the website, "The Catholic Church in Germany"  put out by the German Bishops, thank you very little. It's a children's book which features a visit by two friends of different confessional backgrounds to each others churches.

Lena is Protestant. She and Laura are good friends. Last Sunday Lena asked: "Would you like to go with me to Protestant Service?" And Laura said yes.

There was a lady pastor here

Laura and Lena sit in the first bench. The organ began and a woman in a long black robe entered the church. "Is that a nun?", whispered Laura. "No, that is our Pastoress", answered Lena. Laura was astonished and wanted to know: "May women be Pastoresses with you?" "Yes", said Lena, "and they may also mary and have children."
sounds like little Laura is on a path to HELL.
The "German bishops", what a disgraceful lot.

It's a sad freak show.
(11-04-2010, 06:50 PM)ketchum Wrote: sounds like little Laura is on a path to HELL.

She may very well be. And it is good that you would take such a strong stand against this. But what good does this statement here on this forum do to fix that or to help others fix themselves?

I could be wrong but it could misrepresent our desire to help her rather than condemn (or find fault with) her.

Perhaps she's been told that this is completely acceptable by Modernist clergy and so is ignorant of her true responsibilities as a faithful Catholic. Let us hope that this is the case.
Laura and Lena are fictional characters from a children's book, so none of them is going anywhere.

However, this incredible story that promotes indifferentism was approved by the German bishops and, unfortunately, they are not fictional.

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I was kidding and pretend to be a church lady

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