Cancelled: Pontifical High Mass at National Shrine
Apologies if this has already been reported.  It didn't come up in a forum search.

press release Wrote:It was to have been the second such Mass, the first having been offered at the National Shrine last year before a capacity congregation of over 4,000. Unfortunately, this year's scheduled celebrant, Archbishop Augustine DiNoia of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in Rome, withdrew his acceptance of our invitation as a result of changed circumstances. Although the Paulus Institute has worked for the past several weeks to proceed with the Mass in the end we were unable to obtain the necessary permission.

This quote, unattributed, I found at Angel Queen:
Quote: As someone involved with the planning of this Mass, I can offer a full-throated defense of the Shrine. The cancellation of this Mass had nothing to do with the Shrine. The denial of permission came from of the Archdiocese of Washington.

Well, we know the truth.  A sold out Mass last year.  Incredibly moving.  Televised and commented on.  Possibly watched by millions of Catholics, which Catholics perhaps realizing for the first time the truth, that we had been robbed of our birth right.  There was no way in hell the @$$ kissing worthless, Eucharist profaning archbishop wuerl could allow it to happen again. [Image: DCW-portrait.gif]
It provided hope and had the neo-Catholics and heretics quaking in their boots.

Anyhow, it really pisses me off.  I'd like to do something about it.  Here's the deal, I suck at this sort of thing, so maybe someone can help out.  Can someone provide the proper address to write the archbishop, and the title you use to address him?  Also, who in the Vatican should we write.  Please provide the address for him also, with proper title, and also the name of the Dicastery.  I'm writing some letters, and I hope you all will write some too.  Anyone that can come up with this info, much obliged.  It is all part of the war.  You get to fight back too.

Also, SSPX priests need to rub Pope Benedict's nose in this, as well as the bishops of the SSPX.  Start protesting, "How the heck can we trust you, when you let the sheep of your flock, who have followed the official Trad rules, to get stomped on?  What is wrong with such a holy and dignified Mass?  Is this acceptable to you? "
Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei
Palazzo della Congr. per la Dottrina della Fede
Piazza del S. Uffizio, 11
00193 Roma
Thank dawg. Who do you contact there?
The commission has played a twofold role using the special faculties which the pope has granted it:

2. To collaborate with local bishops with a view to satisfying the numerous groups of faithful linked to the Latin liturgical tradition which request a regular celebration of the Holy Mass in keeping with the 1962 rite in their dioceses; these groups exist in Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Italy), America (the United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile) and Australia.

In this case, the commission can indicate to the local bishop a way to meet these faithful or advise them of the need to "respect the just aspirations of these faithful."

The commission has a president, Cardinal Angelo Felici, a secretary, Msgr. Camille Perl, and several assistants. A group of "permanent experts" composed of representatives of the dicasteries concerned offer their advice and expertise.

You could address your letter to the president or the secretary I think but even if you send it unaddressed they'll take a look at it...
These modernists Bishops will get theirs at the last judgment.  In the meantime I'd encourage Catholics to send their money to truly worthy apostalates and missions of which there are not a few traditional nuns, priests and monks out there who need your support.

Feed the good, question the bad. 

That should extend to how your children are educated as well.  Make it a priority to opt out of Conciliar boondoggles that are heavily subsidized by the government and thus lack Catholic integrity.

Most of all, spread the word about these types.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017-0260
Archbishop, Office of the

Archbishop of Washington:
Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl

Alright, that about does it.  I'm writing some letters.  I encourage others to do the same.  I hope this pisses you off, like it does me.
Pretty sure he's a Cardinal now, so you might wish to address him as "Your Eminence."  Unless you're planning on ripping him, in which case some other title might be more appropriate.
I still think heads should roll, but I thought the Mass was ultimately just moved to the crypt.

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New Springtime!  Buddhists, Hindus, witch doctors all welcome!

Everyone is included in the new Church (which we have sung into being!)!  Except those rotten old traditionalists...

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