Gettin' attacked for havin' kids...
Point out that your wife's genes will outlast her genes, if she's into that science stuff.
(07-31-2011, 07:01 PM)LaramieHirsch Wrote: Okay, so the story goes like this.  I'm the kind of guy who likes to ask for call here at the hospital where I work. 

I was asking for some call, when a co-worker near me said: "Hey, it was YOUR choice to start having kids.  That's no one else's fault but YOURS."

Now...nowhere in the conversation had I mentioned that I am having money problems (I'm not), or that I am having trouble supporting my family (I'm not).  It never entered the picture.  This lady came out of nowhere with that statement. 

It has upset me greatly.

First, to suddenly attack me for asking for call.  Second, to base the attack on the idea that I am having children.  As if children are a disease.  A mistake.  A liability.  A bad investment.  As if she were subtly ostracizing me.  'Oh, how dare you have children.'  She knows that I am a Catholic, and that I believe contraception is wrong, and that a married couple's duty is to have the children that God gives them.  And I believe she wants to attack that--subtly--when she can.

I'm pretty mad now.  I think that, if that kind of a scenario happens again, I will state this:

"How dare you try to call me out for being a family man.  As if that is a bad and unvirtuous choice, and a poor decision.  If you try to call me out for my Catholic belief in the institution of family again, I will make a formal complaint with upper management that you are discriminating on my family values and my religion, and I will fill out a form on you."
Thoughts, folks? 

What would you do?  What shall we Catholics do, as we are singled out more and more each day for simply supporting family?   

I would tell her to f off and mind her own f'ing business. She treats you like a pussy because you get upset by it. Bullies always go for people they can upset.  Man up.

I've had this stuff all of my life. I just tell them that "when the Muslims take over and are chopping your 13 year old granddaughter's clitoris off. Don't come crying to me. "
These people are the enemy and it is time we started treating them as such. This women is evil. Her hatred of your family is Satanic. Don't pussy foot around with these bastards. Let them have it with both barrels. Being offensive scares people, especially women, and she will leave you alone and walk her miserable path to Hell without bothering you any more.

This is clearly war now people. We have to fight these idiots and make it clear we are up for a fight or go quietly into the night.  It is as obvious what is coming down the pipe now as it was in late 1920s Russia. There will be birth licenses before long and green taxes for every new child. They are practically telegraphing their intentions in the mainstream media today.

Get mad and say I am not taking this shit any longer. 
The anti-child mentality is really getting annoying. I had heard somewhere that you can take a completely "child-free" vacation. No, not one where kids eat free! It means one that you will not come in contact with any children. So I looked it up. Here is a quote from the site:

"You're finally alone, ready to start your vacation. You turn to your beloved, about to speak. But then... "WAAAAH!" Suddenly, the sounds of silence are punctuated by a fretful, crying baby -- and the child is wailing as if it may not stop until it reaches college age.

When one travels, this happens all the airports, on trains, planes, in restaurants, even in hotels with thin walls. Peace of mind is shattered by ear-piercing cries from OPBs (Other People's Babies).

What can you do?

Even if you have children, love kids, or are planning to start a family, you shouldn't have to spend a romantic vacation surrounded by the sticky-fingered set. The good news is, you don't have to. There are plenty of places that offer vacations without children; you just have to be selective."

They've even got a stupid acronym for their anti-child religion.

Yeah, you can say whatever you want like it is a free country and if people want to take a "child-free" vacation they have the right to. Whatever.

My point is children are being treated as little nuisances who should be silenced or put away. It is sickening.
To be honest that is understandable.  Partly because over here at least there are parents who just don't keep any control over their children.  And I am pretty sure this is true in parts of American too. They refuse to smack them as that would be cruel and the kids run riot.  Sometimes they are just disfuctional people who smack them too much or fail to establish normal social boundaries so they either lash out or give up and do nothing.

The budget airlines we have here, Ryanair and Easyjet are full of these chav scumbags.  And it is not purely a class thing either, though the underclass people or welfare tend to be the worst as they feel entitled and yet powerless.  They get their power kicks where they can.

In the past if you had been cheeky to a stranger on a train, even a slightly unreasonable one, you would have got a good clip around the ear.  Once from the stranger and once from your parent with whom were travelling.  You'd have been humiliated and made to apologise to the stranger.  Nowadays, kids can slash your tyres, jump out into the road or throw snowballs at your car as a "joke" and their parents do nothing.  If you shout at the kids they scream at you for shouting at their darlings.  If you physically touch one of the kids you're going to jail.

So I fully understand why there is a market for childless adults to fly and holiday without other people's brats around them.  Just as there is a market for naturists or swingers to hang around with like minded people.  They give the example of the screaming baby on the aeroplane because they cannot say, the annoying 8 year old who kicks the back of your aeroplane seat all the way over the Atlantic because her mother simply does not give a shit or thinks her child's right to kick the back of your seat has precedence over you right not to be kicked in the back of the seat.

If someone sold me a holiday where I could fly with tattooless people, people who were not morbidly obese or utter tabolid reading morons. I'd book  that holiday for sure.  Nothing worse than being stuck in a departure lounge with those gits.

Heinrich's situation is entirely different.  In his case a woman at his work who has nothing to do with his situation is making Satanic comments about his marital business purely on the basis of him wanting to work overtime.  She must have a satanic hatred of young life.  I wonder why  ::)
This is how I feel sometimes.

(07-31-2011, 07:19 PM)LaramieHirsch Wrote: [Call is like overtime. 

Let's say the hospital department you are in needs an extra hand.  They look at the list to see who is on the "call schedule."  If they need you, and you're on the call list, they call you in to work that night. 

For simply being available on the call list, you get an extra 2 bucks for every hour you are on call.  So, if you are on call for 8 hours, you get 16 dollars. 

But, let's say the DO call you in, then you are doing overtime work, and you are making time-and-a-half.

So, it is to the advantage of someone trying to earn a little extra money to grab "call time" when he can.
Gosh, at least you're not taking time off to help out with sick kids and asking others to shoulder your hours!  Imagine, someone wanting to work extra hours!

(07-31-2011, 07:24 PM)LaramieHirsch Wrote:
(07-31-2011, 07:22 PM)Servire Deo Wrote: So your coworker assumes that you wanting to work overtime is due to money troubles caused by your having a higher than average amount of children?

Just smile and tell her you need to make extra for that big down payment on the newest luxury SUV you and misses had your eye on for quite some time now.

I'm sure it'll be "all good" after that.

If not, like the guy from England said..........tell her to mind her own Fu*kin business and be done with this wretch.

But for heavens sakes, don't rat her out for her snotty little comments. you'd be no better than the other little lefty, liberal , commie snitches out there.

Reporting some souless, childless wench because of her selfhate belief system is not very  becoming of a strong traditional Catholic family man.
It sounds to me like you two have had an argument or debate in the past, as you both know one another's beliefs about birth control. Even if you were a perfect angel in the way you presented your beliefs, she was probably angered by them because when someone espouses a virtue, someone who doesn't have that virtue will necessarily feel they are being judged. Oh, well.

Anyway, don't go to HR. You'll just look like a whiny titty baby. And, frankly, we're supposed to turn the other cheek and bear insults without returning them. So, ignore her as best as  you can and go about your business, attending to your own salvation.
Society today sees children as a burden and something to be avoided. Large families are seen by many to be  :o . 

trads continue having large families!!!!!  :)

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