No Hooters shirts in Mass, please

Religion: No Hooters shirts in Mass, please

Americans getting more casual in what they wear to church.

Scripps Howard News Service
Deacon Greg Kandra was well aware that modern Americans were getting more casual and that these laid-back attitudes were filtering into Catholic pews.

Still, was that woman who was approaching the altar to receive Holy Communion really wearing a Hooters shirt?

Yes, she was.

When did Catholics, he thought to himself, start coming to Mass dressed for a Britney Spears concert? Had he missed a memo or something?

"Somewhere along the way, we went from neckties to tank tops, and from fasting to fast food. And it's getting worse," noted Kandra, a former CBS News writer with 26 years, two Emmys and two Peabody Awards to his credit. He is now a deacon assigned to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, a 3,000-member parish in Forest Hills, just north of New York City.

"I recently had to tell a couple that no, they could not have their Chihuahua in a tuxedo as part of their wedding party,"he added, in a commentary. "An auxiliary bishop in Indianapolis recently complained about people who tweet during funerals. Casual Catholics, it seems, have taken 'casual' to a new level."

After the Hooters incident, he decided it was time to stop whining about the rising tide of irreverence and immodesty and to start griping about it right out in the open. Thus, Kandra and the parish's other clergy have resorted to appealing — in the parish bulletin and in public remarks — for a hint of sanity or even some old-fashioned decorum.

One bulletin item proclaimed, with a gag headline: "PLANS FOR PARISH SWIMMING POOL SCRAPPED! After much study, our finance committee has determined it would not be feasible to construct an indoor swimming pool in our church. ... As a result, we can now announce with certainty that those who have been arriving for Mass as if dressed for the pool need not do so. Also, we hope to keep the air conditioning cranking all summer long. So you do not need to wear shorts, halter tops or bikinis to Mass."

Other missives in this series warned that late-arriving parishioners with allegedly faulty alarm clocks might be injured during their attempts to "find a seat by climbing over the rope strung across the aisle. This can result in falls or — in some cases — embarrassing displays of underwear."

And about the many active cellphones: "New research indicates that people who bring cellphones to church are more likely to suffer serious head trauma, usually caused by the priest throwing the lectionary at them. Such people are also more likely to be wounded by hurled umbrellas and rolled-up missals."

It's easy to determine what is going on in his parish and elsewhere, said 74-year-old Monsignor Joseph Funaro. Decades ago, worshippers would dress up to go to church and then would return home to change into more casual clothing before heading to picnics, baseball games, the pool or away to the coast.

Today, the sprawl of suburban life and omnipresent traffic jams — especially close to Labor Day and beach-friendly weekends — have tempted Catholics to abandon the old church-first schedule. The clothes symbolize larger changes.

"We have reached the point that just about anything goes,"said Funaro. "We keep making appeals to our people, but it doesn't seem that anyone is paying much attention. ... Some of the ladies, well, you just have to wonder if they looked in a mirror before coming to church."

The key, he said, is not that formal attire has evolved into casual attire. That change took place several decades ago for most baby boomer adults and their children. Now, more and more Catholics have moved past casual clothing and have started wearing clothing that is distracting, at best, or is often aggressively immodest.

As a priest, Funaro said that he now worries that some of his parishioners are not really focusing on the Mass at all. Instead, they are stopping by the church while on their way to other activities they consider more important than Mass.

"I often ask people this question: 'Would you dress like that if you were going to meet the queen of England?' Of course, they always say, 'No, of course not.' Then I remind them that they are coming to Mass in order to meet someone more special than the queen. They are coming to meet their king."
Good article, the worst I've seen recently was a man that looked liked he'd rather be at the beach.  Didn't know what he was thinking, being at an SSPX chapel and all that (and not to mention Mass).
The same priests are so casual about sin. Do they tell the parishoners not to fornicate or use contraceptives when they marry? These Catholics think God got casual in the sixties. Why would God worry about what they wear to mass when they haven't even been told God wants them at mass every Sunday and sin is inconsequential. People are wearing casual comfortable clothes to the casual comfortable 'meal' at their local circus church.

None of these people would dress like that to meet the Pope or their beloved African president.

This priest needs to ask himself why and connect the dots. Clearly they DON'T believe that God is present in the Church. With the new mess that is hardly surprising.
We need more priests like St. Padre Pio who would throw these people right out of Church until they put some clothes on.

In summer months it's particularly bad - one sees hot pants and halterneck tops on the girls. Teehsirts and shorts and beach shoes on the guys. The worst I saw was of a family with three sons. The sons were just dressed like normal teenage and prepubescent boys. The portly middle aged dad wore baggy shorts and teeshirt. Now the mother - she wore a miniskirt, heels and a flimsy lacy-edged strappy top that looked for all the world like an article of lingerie. Thank goodness the parents didn't go up to communion. But I rather think they didn't due to a marriage situation  rather than immodesty.

However, even in winter, peoplke are sloppily dressed. Immodesty may be less of an issue, but one sees not just youngsters but old folk too, in jeans and teeshirtsm tracksuits, etc. Relatively few wear Sunday best. When I was growing up in the 1980's, one could at least count on the older generation still dressing properly.
It should go without saying that my previous post referred to Novus Ordo Masses.

However, I must say that at my SSPX chapel, a good number don't wear Sunday best either. Immodesty is hardly the issue there. But I wish the ladies would put on a bit of makeup, an drop the floppy droopy clothes - let me rephrase that - wear smart, tailored clothes and so forth, instead of the sloppy droopy outfits they wear. Elderly ladies in ankle length cotton skirts and baggy tee shirts and sensible flat shoes look so drab. It need not cost them much to take care of their appearance and dress their best for God. Some don't understand this - my mother in law doesn't seem to. For, one is either frumpy and dowdy and plain, or is a tart, "mutton dressed as lamb". Why the aversion to a little bit of discreetly applied makeup, shoes with a bit of a heel, and elegant tailored clothes? And if one can afford it, a hat rather than a mantilla? (But that is a different matter).

Rant over.
(09-06-2011, 08:17 PM)StevusMagnus Wrote: Still, was that woman who was approaching the altar to receive Holy Communion really wearing a Hooters shirt?

Yes, she was.

That's so judgemental and intolerant...
This truly is a catechesis problem.  Supposing these people are coming to mass every sunday, they don't see anything wrong with wearing flip flops and a track suit.  If they thought they were unwelcome or somehow inappropriate for the setting they simply wouldn't come.  That's not the issue.  These aren't a bunch of rambunctious reforming liberal Catholics (per se) but "today's Catholic" that doesn't know what the difference between what he does every Sunday and what Mr and Mrs Protestant do every Sunday.

If they knew it wasn't appropriate they would either dress differently or give the middle finger.  It's really that simple.  These people aren't rocket scientists or reptillian humanoid plants.  They're regular people and they probably think they're being good Catholics.

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(09-07-2011, 11:21 AM)Texican Wrote: That's so judgemental and intolerant...

I need to find out where this is....
(09-07-2011, 11:21 AM)Texican Wrote:
(09-06-2011, 08:17 PM)StevusMagnus Wrote: Still, was that woman who was approaching the altar to receive Holy Communion really wearing a Hooters shirt?

Yes, she was.

That's so judgemental and intolerant...

Darn right it is. And it should be. We should be intolerant of people who dress like hookers in the presence of our Lord!

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