Loyal Order of the Moose
I generally lurk here on FE, but I am making this topic an exception because I have no other reliable source to consult.

What's the word on the Moose?  It's a fraternal organization open to people of any religion, and they have a school called Mooseheart and a retirement community for members called Moosehaven. They also have a women's organization called Women of the Moose.

Is there anything about it which Catholics should be wary of or cause them to avoid it completely?
Yes, as Catholics we should be wary of the fact that is a Masonic based organization. Steer clear. The Shriners come across as benevolent and altruistic as well, but they are the most insidious component of Masonry there is. Moose lodges and membership is Masonry lite, but Masonic in origin nonetheless. Beyond the Lodge Door by Paul Fisher explains this.
Also, they have their own beer and it's Canadian. Steer Clear, ya Hear!

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR9qhz17MFNaKeSXClTyAg...v1IYIasgQQ]
Is Moosehead really a Masonic beer?  Huh.
(12-11-2011, 10:25 PM)DrBombay Wrote: Is Moosehead really a Masonic beer?  Huh.

What really matters is that it is Canadian. Now a Masonic Canadian beer? WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
Steer clear of the Water Buffalo...

[Image: flintstones_L17.jpg]

And the Raccoon Lodge as well!

[Image: 0.jpg]

But to be serious, yes, I agree with Heinrich.
Happy Days had a lodge too, forgot what it was called.
I think there was one a guy I knew used to kick around with that was pretty innocent - basically just an old men's piss-up club lol. But even that, on reading a roll-call of members, was very likely to have been a front.

Locally we have Druid's Lodge, Freemasons NZ (three or four different lodges throughout the province), Legion of Frontiersmen and a whole bunch of other subsidiary groups such as Lions Club and Rotary International.

They're all connected - even Masons themselves whom I have spoken to have confirmed this...
(12-11-2011, 10:46 PM)dark lancer Wrote: Happy Days had a lodge too, forgot what it was called.

Yeah. I remember there was a Remnant article pertaining to this and why we should not be taken in by the 'niceness' of it all.
Thanks, I was afraid that the Moose might be connected somehow to the Masons.  My parents' antique car club has held their meetings and dances at a Moose lodge in a neighboring town for years and years and I had long wondered what their deal was.

It's interesting to hear how all of these fraternal organizations are somehow linked to the Masons, as if Masons joined them to infiltrate them and tie them to the Masons.
I wasn't really aware of the masonic component of the organization, from my understanding of the order, which is limited, it seems like just an old man's drinking club.

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