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While reading some things in the internet, I came upon the blog "The Catholic Knight". One article there is entitled "Catholic Prophecy" and it talked about future things that may happen before the Last Judgment.
The article can be found here:

What do you think about this?
St. Nilus ? 

ah yes. I've read that his "prophecy" may have been forged...but what about the rise of the Frankish Monarch?
Good article joseph onyl.  I posted this about a month ago.  I couldn't verify the source of the different prophecies from Ireland about the Great Gaulish Monarch that are in the video. 

(12-19-2011, 03:46 AM)mikemac Wrote:
(12-18-2011, 06:21 AM)Arun Wrote: I had heard speculation that the Great Monarch would come from the line of Louis XIII but I cannot remember who said it or why they believed that...

so could be utter nonsense...

or could be sound...

lol sorry I cannot remember...

This video about prophecies from Ireland and the Great Monarch is very interesting.  One of the prophecies is "Legion and progeny of the King that XVI is his number come to hunt the tyrants."  The last Bourbon king before the French Revolution was Louis XVI.  If you look at the French Monarchs' genealogy it traces it back to Hugh Capet, the Merovingians and the Carolingians who were Franks, a German tribe.  But not very long ago I was looking at a site that traced Hugh Capet's line further back to an Ard Rí or High King of Ireland.  I've been looking for it for a couple of hours but I haven't been able to find it.  I wanted to see if it had a King Arthur in the line. lol

This page on Hugh Capet is interesting too.  According to it in 987 when the last of Charlemagne's direct descendants, Louis the Child died the barons met together to choose a ruler and Duke Hugh Capet became king.  "Gaul, or France, had been ruled for many years by Romans and by Germans, but Hugh Capet was a Frenchman, ruling French people, the first king of France."  I kind of doubt "the first king of France" but that's what the page says. 

The first line in the Irish prophecies is "Ireland, recall from exile your forgotten sons."
It goes on to say "warriors she call on you to fight", she meaning Mary. 
"her lieutenant is Ard ri Erenn monarch of Tara"
"He is not Irish but his heart was"
"He is from lilies of France and knows how to carry the cross"
Then it says
"to crush the tyrant you will only rely on the Gedeon forces" in reference to the Book of Judges chapters 6 to 8.
"from the Galleon of New France, Gedeon move slowly"
There used to be a short Canadian history clip played quite often here that showed that many Quebec families adopted Irish orphans that their parents died on the coffin ships after the potato famine.  If I can remember correctly it said that about a quarter of the population of Quebec now has Irish roots, but I'm thinking it may have said more.  An Irish only Legion led by the progeny of Louis XVI under Mary's banner to go hunt the tyrants.  Amazing.  Gives me the shivers.  Many people of Highland Scot decent are Irish from way back too. lol  At one time Scotland used to be called Scotia Minor, Erenn being Scotia Major.  A dna study of France shows 80% in the west and about 60% in the east having Celtic R1b Y haplogroup still from the time of the Gauls.

Yes for sure, the Great Monarch would definitely have to be consecrated to her and use the standard of the Holy Mother of God.

In the most recent issue of the Fatima Crusader, the 100th issue, Father Gruner has a time line of the events of his apostolate.  When talking about the Pope with all the bishops doing a proper consecration of Russia Father Gruner says on page 34, "There is nothing really stopping him at the present time.  But in the short space of a few months or a few years, he may no longer have that freedom."
I can't see how the Great Monarch fits into the bits we know from Our Lady of Fatima. I think Yves DuPont a Frenchman promoted it in his book and it has a certain romance which appeals to some. I tend to see it as a conditional prophecy which was for the past. I wish St. Nlus was true it is clear.

This time line does kind of make sense though, don't you think Tim?

[Image: prophecy-timeline.jpg]
(01-28-2012, 08:37 PM)mikemac Wrote: This time line does kind of make sense though, don't you think Tim?

[Image: prophecy-timeline.jpg]

I have been looking at your timeline. I figured that the new Pope and the Monarch would happen after the TDD and then do the Consecration. What is the reason for your particular order?
(01-28-2012, 08:37 PM)mikemac Wrote: This time line does kind of make sense though, don't you think Tim?

[Image: prophecy-timeline.jpg]

Cool Mikemac. Well done. I think Desmond Birch and Yves would agree.  Bishop Williamson quotes the 7 Ages of the Church as St. Catherine Emmerich had done. This follows the
7 Ages i believe.

On the other hand, Solange Hertz is of the opion that the A.C. will come before the G.M. -

This video is a reminder ----
There is an old Irish prophecy from St. Patrick  that "Ireland would be deluged 7 years prior to the A.C." so that they would be preserved from abadoning the faith.
The Monarch will arise if the Consecraion is not done. The Pope will flee into the wilderness, probably America. The Church will be in schism. A world war will ensue and Europe will lose, completely. Nations will be annihilated completely. The Monarch will start as a guerilla unknown and slowly like the resistance of wwii will push back the mohamedans and or commies. After a long slog perhaps several decades a legitimate Pope will be installed, and the Monarch will surrender his crown, and that will immediately usher in the Anti-Christ. 

That's the best fit from the Fatima secret, the Monarch prophecy, the 3DD, and the one every one forgets or does not believe Malachi of Armagh.

I reject it because Our Lady said the Consecration will be late. That means it'll be done, but late, which means the 3DD never comes. In Apocalypse 12, it is about a Pope not a Monarch. He will rule with the iron rod, bringing us back to Tradition.  He will go into the wilderness on the two wings of the Eagle. That's possibly the US. He will die in the wilderness. In the prophecy when the Great Monarch is victorious he lays his crown down which is the signal for the Anti-Christ to begin. The reason I think it's false is no one knows when the End begins. And Yves DuPont obviously  thought he did.

It's not my timeline verenaerin.  It's from the link that joseph onyl posted at the top.  Notice the timeline doesn't include the Consecration.  It doesn't look like the author of the article is considering the Consecration.  Yeah I think the Consecration could come after the three days of darkness too.  But only if the Consecration hasn't been done before hand.  I agree with Tim that the Consecration will stop the three days of darkness but only if it's done in time.  I think it may be an either or.  Either the Consecration is done in time to stop the three days of darkness.  Or we get the three days of darkness and then the Consecration after it.  Either way Our Lady still triumphs.  If that's right then the Consecration is still very important.

Don the article that joseph onyl posted says "There are many books written on the coming Chastisement and the following Tribulation of Antichrist, but none offer such a well researched, exhaustive and orderly presentation of APPROVED Catholic prophecy than this book by Desmond Birch."  I'll have to get it.  That must be the promise that St. Patrick left for Ireland that I heard long ago.  I forgot how it went.

Tim we don't know when the Consecration will be.  We don't know when or if the three days of darkness will happen.  Or we don't know how old the Great Monarch will be when he lies down his crown and shield in Jerusalem.  So we still don't know when the End begins.  I agree with Father Gruner that "in the short space of a few months or a few years, he [the Pope] may no longer have that freedom" to do the Consecration.

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