Reminder -- Ember Days
Feb. 29, 2012, Wednesday -- Fast and partial abstinence (meat allowed only on one meal)

Mar. 02, 2012 , Friday -- Fast and Abstinence

Mar. 01, 2012, Saturday -- Fast and partial abstinence

Fasting is for those aged 18 through 59-1/2.  Abstinence for those 7 years old (14 years old for the new Law) and older.

Fast days is from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday

Quote:EMBER DAYS. Three days set apart for fasting, abstinence, and prayer during each of the four seasons of the year. They were the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after St. Lucy (d. 304) (December 13), the First Sunday of Lent, Pentecost, and the feast of the Holy Cross (September 14). Since the revision of the Roman calendar in 1969, Ember Days are to be observed at the discretion of the National Conferences of Bishops. Moreover, their observance may be extended beyond three days and even repeated during the year. Possibly occasioned by the agricultural feast of ancient Rome, they came to be observed by Christians for the sanctification of the different seasons of the year, and for obtaining God's blessing on the clergy to be ordained during the Embertides. (Etym. Anglo-Saxon oemerge, ashes.)

“Those that fast during the holy season of Lent ought not to conceal it, since the Church orders this fast and wishes that everyone should know that we are observing it.”
“If you keep your fast and do all your works to please God alone, you will labor for eternity, without delighting in yourself or caring whether you are seen by others or not.” – St. Francis de Sales, Sermons for Lent
Thanks for the reminder. My fiancee and I celebrated (not sure that's the right word) our first Ember Days this fall and it was a great reminder of God's generosity. We don't want to forget this coming set!
Thanks for the reminder.
Thanks for the reminder!  :grin:
Hmm, are you sure those are the correct days?
(02-20-2012, 01:08 PM)shin Wrote: Hmm, are you sure those are the correct days?

Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after Quadragesima Sunday.  He probably just hit the wrong key for the Saturday, but it's Feb 29, Mar 2 and Mar 3 this year.

And outside of the US, Ember days are days of fasting and full abstinence.  The revised rules for America don't make much sense - at least for the Lenten Embertide - since Catholics would traditionally have been fasting and partially abstaining on Wednesday anyway, and fully abstaining on Saturday.  I don't think Ember Days were meant to be a day off from the Lenten fast!
I created these to help me with fasting. But they may be of help to others. Please correct me if I got anything wrong.

Here is the key:

Abstain and Fast
Partial Abstain and Fast

[Image: LentenFasting001-1.jpg]
[Image: LentenFasting002-1.jpg]
[Image: LentenFasting003-1.jpg]
Good idea Graham.  But actually feasts didn't cancel out the Lenten fast under the 1917 Code - the 1983 Code allows that though.  And it has the force of law now, so I guess this is just an optional point.

1252, §4:
Diebus dominicis vel festis de praecepto lex abstinentiae, vel abstinentiae et ieiunii, vel ieiunii tantum cessat, excepto festo tempore Quadragesimae, nec pervigilia anticipantur; item cessat Sabbato Sancto post meridiem.
I don't know if I should thank you or curse you for that information. It leaves me with a problem, because while I strive to follow traditional practices, I was already looking forward to those feast days. A haven of black in a sea of blue and red. Ah well...
(02-20-2012, 02:49 PM)Pheo Wrote: But actually feasts didn't cancel out the Lenten fast under the 1917 Code

This varied depending on the diocese. Dispensations from the fast could be given for the feast day of the patron saint of the diocese, like St. Patrick's in the SF archdiocese.

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