For My Family and I
It is so hard sometimes to be a good Catholic in my home, being 17 with an abundance of limits. Following even the laws for keeping Sunday holy can be hard work (as well as abstaining from meat on Fridays).
So, I ask for everyone's prayers for the conversion of my family, that they may no longer be lax Catholics, but fervent Traditional Catholics. Pray especially that they will start attending Mass on Sundays (especially my older sister, that she may have less hostilities to the TLM; it gets really irritating on how she calls the NOM the "Regular" Mass...eek!)
Also pray for me that I may grow in virtue, especially humility, chastity, and love of God.
And I ask those who have the privilege and grace of being able to attend a daily (or even weekly or monthly) TLM to hear Mass for these intentions, for it makes prayer that much more powerful from what I've read.
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I will pray for you.  You just keep attending mass, getting those graces and pray for supernatural intervention.  I have a son, 11, who is exactly OPPOSITE of you.  He LOVES the worldly material things and rejects the discipline of being Catholic.  It is wonderful to know of a youth that is so inspired .  Dominus Tecum is also a inspiration and a reason to hope for my son, that someday, he will come around.

God Bless  you

In Christ

[Image: prayer.gif] TradCath, my mom is an Anglican... I know how you feel.
(blushes) Why thank you, Monique. That's the nicest thing anybody's said about me all week! How is your son doing, btw? Has there been any improvement?


I meant what I said! You are a very nice young man and it gives me hope,not only for my son, but for youth in general.

Unfortunately no, things have actually gotten worse. I had to send him back to his dads house yesterday because of his disrespect for me and for lying to me and creating this HUGE deception with his dad. I'm tired of being lied to and disrespected by him. I talked with Fr Tague yesterday after mass and I think I will tell him that he may come back, but he has to agree to change. If he doesn't want to change, then it will be his decision to stay with his dad. He may come back anytime, as long as he agrees to change. I will just have to pray for him and let Gods will be done. I feel that I have done everything else that I can possibly do, but I can't fight the mental games that his dad plays anymore. It's useless.

Thanks for the concern. Hope school is going well for you.

In Christ

I will be sure to pray for your son in return as well, since I am also praying for my fellow youth, especially my friends. (psst...I recommend reading "Read Me or Rue It" by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan if you haven't already. I'm sure the Holy Souls in Purgatory can help you, as I am asking for their help as well.)
Everyone else who is praying for me, thank you and I will pray for you in return.

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